Unhealthy Eating, Mood was worsening


Unhealthy diet was not only affects physical health, but also mental health. Bad mood suddenly become a threat.

Unhealthy eating behaviors that can cause you to have bad mood, especially in women. In one study, women who care about eating behavior reported so that their mood worsened after trying to eat unhealthy food on a regular basis, so that was launched Health24.

Unhealthy Eating, Mood was worsening

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The researchers looked at the people who have unhealthy eating habits such as binge eating, loss of control over eating and restriction of food intake had little change in their mood. And negative mood became worse after undergoing an unhealthy diet regularly.

This study is unique because it evaluates mood and eating behaviors that occur in everyday life, which can provide a more accurate picture of the relationship between emotions and eating.

"The results of this study may help us to better understand the mood may play a role in the development of unhealthy eating, which can be useful to make the program more effective treatments for people with eating disorders and those who have concerns about weight.

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