Easy Solution Give Medication to Children

The difficulty of giving medication to children when they are ill is a barrier that is often encountered mothers. However, do not be discouraged once made. Some of these tricks can work around this.

When your child getting sick, it is worrying that hit them hard while taking the medicine. For that, you have to rack my brain that prescription medicines can be drunk immediately and create healing for your baby.

In order to facilitate this process, a critical attitude toward the doctor should be applied. Ask as much information as possible about the medications given and ask if there are side effects behind the medicine, such as whether there is food or a special warning to be avoided if the child taking this medicine, and clarify whether the medicines taken before or after meals.

Most of these medicines to children are usually made of sweet syrup to make it more easy to swallow and can be given by spoon, tube or drops. Tool drops and tubes are often more suitable for babies who have not yet learned how to swallow a spoon. A number of medicines for older children given as a tablet or capsule.

Usually the child will cooperate on this matter, though sometimes he even refused to take medicine. If this happens prescribe manipulative way possible. So, do not hesitate to give medication with ice cream or a favorite food. With this offer, very rare child will resist physical and anyway there is no other alternative other than you have to force him to take medicine. Here are some other tips that can be tried, such as Dr Miriam Stoppard wrote the book "Family Health Guide".

give medication to children
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Giving medicine to infants

1. Ask for help from another or baby brother.

2. If alone, wrap the baby in a blanket arms so that you can stop if the rebel and hold it firmly.

3. Give the medicine gradually into his mouth.

4. If the baby not want medicine, ask your assistant hold his mouth open, while you drain the medicine to the back of its mouth carefully, then close his mouth gently but tightly.

Giving medicine in older children

1. Suggest that the child's nose pressed while taking the medicine, so the medicine is not too feel on the tongue.

2. Do not squeeze the nose force. medicine can actually get into the airway.

3. Mix liquid medicine with syrup, such as honey.

4. Do not add liquid to drink the medicine, because the medicine will sink to the bottom of a glass or stick to the side so that children may not obtain full dose.

5. Show your child that you provide favorite drink to relieve their medicine from his mouth. Do this even if you normally do not allow children to drink it.

6. Help your child to clean their teeth after taking the syrup liquid to prevent sticking in his teeth.

7. Crush tablets (but do not crush the capsules) between two spoons and mix the powder with something sweet, such as honey, jam, or ice cream.

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