8 Signs Your Baby Is Sick

Children under six months of age are vulnerable sick. However, as parents do not need to panic, because when certain conditions children need medical treatment.

Here are the signs that a baby is six months old still experiencing pain, along with general guidelines to know when you should call the doctor, as reported Sheknows.


Fever itself is not a disease, but infants' responses to the most common disease caused by infection.

Call your doctor if your baby is less than three months old and has a body temperature above 37.94 degrees Celsius, or if your baby is between the ages of three to six months and has a temperature above 38.3 degrees Celsius.

Even if the temperature is lower than general guidelines, contact your doctor if your baby appears ill with signs such as rash, easy to cry, do not have the appetite, difficulty breathing, stiff neck, vomiting or diarrhea, lethargy, and looked limp.

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Dehydration can occur if the baby is a bad appetite, fever, are in an environment that is too hot, frequent vomiting, and diarrhea.

You can recognize the signs of dehydration if the baby is dry mouth and gums, rarely
known wetting, little amount of tears when crying, or fontanel (the soft spot on the top of the head) a little sink. If you find these signs, immediately consult a doctor.


Diarrhea commonly affects infants, but you should immediately contact a doctor if there is blood in the stool (bright red looks more serious or if it's black). Also, your baby watery stools issued six times in one day.


Babies often "spit" but if too often throw up you should be wary. Vomiting may be serious if it occurs only once or twice. But if it happens more frequently, contains blood or green, or baby appears dehydrated, contact your doctor.

Difficulty in breathing

If your baby is having trouble breathing, you need to call a doctor.
Signs include difficulty breathing:

- Your baby is breathing faster than normal.

- Networking between the ribs, above the collarbone, or in the upper abdomen sucked in when your baby breathe.

- Your baby grunts when exhaling.

- Your baby's lips or skin develops a bluish tinge.

Redness, oozing or bleeding

If your baby's belly button turns red, bleeding, contact your doctor immediately. These are signs of infection.


Rash common in babies, but contact your doctor if the rash covers a large area, especially the face or is accompanied by fever, bleeding, bleeding or swelling, or if the rash looks infected.


Upper respiratory tract infection caused by a virus and is very common in infants. Colds usually last one or two weeks with a fever accompanied by a runny nose, poor appetite for several days, and a cough that can last for two to three weeks.

But if more serious symptoms require a doctor's care. Call your doctor if:

- Baby's temperature is higher than 37.94 degrees Celsius for infants under three months or greater than 38.3 degrees Celsius for infants between three and six months.

- Your baby has a rash or difficulty breathing as described previously.

- Your baby is unusually fussy and crying.

- Coughing baby badly and almost non-stop, even to bleed.

- Babies vomit too often.

- These symptoms had lasted more than two weeks.

In all circumstances, if you are really worried that your baby looks very sick, trust your instincts and call your doctor.

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