Tips For Kids Napping

Get children to sleep during the day has great benefits for the growth and development of the baby. But it was not easy for a child to enter the room and take a nap.
Do not worry Mom, because some tricks so that they can be persuaded to take a nap. Here's how:

The urge kids to not want to stop playing one of the causes of child becomes difficult to take a nap. His heart is still motivated to continue playing throughout the day. The temptation to play children of today is much larger and more diverse that agenda nap unattractive to them. A parent's job is to conquer these difficulties for the sake of the baby.

Napping beneficial for growing children. Both physical growth so that the child can grow optimally, and optimization of brain development make children achieve optimal intelligence.

Tips For Kids Napping
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"Of course there is difference between a child who used to sleep during childhood than children who are not accustomed to napping. Nap than sufficient for sleep according to age, it is also a time of growth. Organ of the growing brain during sleep time, the increase also development of intelligence," said Dr Handrawan Nadesul, in his book "Raising Baby So Smart Kids".

Furthermore Nadesul Doctors say that napping habits already have formed since early infancy. How to apply discipline invite children to take a nap. "At a fixed hour nap time, children are invited into the room, and the atmosphere of the house was built was conducive to sleep," he added.

Initially may not be easy, but if the habit of napping has been formed, then the child is not hard to get a nap. Even then the child is asked nap. It is important to remember the benefits, can better optimize growth.

"To make it easier to bring the child fell nap, let the more physically active during the morning. Increasingly tired of her playing all morning. Increasingly tired of his play throughout the day, the easier it is invited to sleep in the afternoon," he advised.

Napping himself did not take long. Quite a one-two hours sleep soundly origin. "It's not the amount of sleep that determines the quality of sleep, but rather whether a deep sleep. Sleep an hour and more quality than sleep soundly for over an hour, but not asleep," he said.

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