Tricks Caring for Baby Teeth and Mouth

When babies start teething, parents should start to notice health mouth. Why, what was the cause?

Because the baby's oral health care is a very important thing, even more than you realized before. Each month, your child achieve new milestones. Parents were happy. But experts even more concerned about the care of infants, particularly oral health. As reported by the Times of India.

In most cases, your child will start teething any time between four and nine months. You may know when the baby starts teething, that is, when the saliva secreted more than ever before. In addition, he handled more often put into the mouth or she so prefers to chew anything.

The first teeth appear are the two bottom front teeth. Use a damp cloth to clean the gums and teeth twice a day with your finger until your child is about one year.

There are several brands of toothbrushes available for infants with very soft texture brush.

Tricks Caring for Baby Teeth and Mouth
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Choose a toothbrush also has a small head and a handle large enough to fit in your hand. For toothpaste, choose those without flouride in it that is not harmful if ingested by your baby.

By the time your baby is one year old already, be sure to schedule regular checkups to the dentist.

Brush your teeth gently on the two surfaces, inside and out, twice a day. Do not forget also to brush the tongue to dislodge the bacteria that cause bad breath. Immediately replace a baby tooth brush after brush was beginning to look untidy.

Habits early on giving proper attention by itself will create a habit for children to always pay attention to mouth hygiene. Children are often cranky and lazy to brush my teeth. As a parent, you certainly should not give in to the situation. Because if left unchecked, the rocks on the teeth will cause health problems in the mouth.

Other than that there is more to your attention, that baby bottles are often used for its need a drink. Baby bottles are not considered sterile cleanliness and can rot and pose a risk to the cavity and teeth.

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