Too overprotective inhibitory motoric complexity child

Being overprotective was able to slow the motor development of children. If you're the type that many parents worried about children, good parenting such change.

By reason of affection and fear of having a baby is a dangerous thing, then many parents forbid children, especially those being explored in its infancy intelligence. For instance, when children begin to be able to run, let them run as much. You can maintain security by taking him to the playground and grass field no pain when dropped.

Conversely, do not let your kids keep being held, simply for fear of falling and hit the dirt. In addition to not educate, it can make the child slowed sensory and motor does not develop properly.

motoric complexity child
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Consequently if the sensory motor does not develop properly, then mapping the brain will not be optimal and difficult to develop to the next stage.

"If the motor is not good, then the balance is not good. If the balance is not good, it might function fine motor skills are not well developed, one of them writing so ugly, it is all about," said the soul of the child specialist, Dr Tjhien Wiguna in educating the media about the benefits of isomaltulosa, Hotel Pullman.

That parents do not regret later, doctors Thjien reminded parents to let their children especially are growing exploration.

"The development of children's intelligence does not grow on its own, but running concurrently and deals. So, let the children explore it's very important. Let him play, let him roam the neighborhood, but of course there are limits. If the danger, yes baseball may be, if it's worth doing and can help the development of children's brains why not, "he explained.

Thjin doctor explained that the sensor motor (physical) has two categories, fine motor and gross motor skills.

"If it is related to gross motor gestures such as run, jump, and so forth. Therefore, children should be given the opportunity to explore. If fine motor skills by writing, coloring, and so on. Since preschool age children is also very well been taught holding tools write. Allow him doodle, color study. was not just to write a good, but stimulates their fine motor sensors, "he said.

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