Here's How to Provide Proper Breathing Aid

Accidents can come at any time, any place and on anyone. So it does not hurt, if you know how to give first aid to the people around you who need help for the safety of lives.

When a person is unconscious, there are times when it is due to the body's tissues, particularly in the brain, need oxygen to keep the cells alive. Although air obtained only contains approximately 16 percent oxygen, it would be enough to sustain life if breathed into the lungs of people who stop breathing due to illness or injury.

If you get there the victim unconscious and not breathing, you can help keep the blood supply remains oxygenated by providing breathing assistance. The following procedural steps you can take to maximize the benefits of the assistance provided, as reviewed Dr. Miriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide.
proper breathing
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- Make sure the victim lying flat on your back, open the windpipe by placing one hand on his forehead and gently tilting the head back.

- Remove any obstacles from the mouth and chin lift.

- Pinch the victim's nostrils shut. Inhale fully, place your lips on sekliling mouth so that there is no gap.

- Breathe into the victim's mouth until you see the chest rise. It takes two seconds to fully inflate the chest.

- Remove your mouth from her mouth and let the chest down completely, it will take approximately four seconds. Repeat the procedure once more and then check signs of circulation.

- If there are no signs of recovery, such as the return of normal skin color or movement of anything, try doing CPR. But if there are signs of recovery, but the victim not breathing, give 10 breaths per minute assistance and check signs of circulation every 10 breaths. If the victim is breathing spontaneously back, place him in the recovery position.

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