Quick Finesse Worms Kids Avoid

There are a number of worms that can live in the human body. This is usually caused from contaminated food.
"This worm is a type of worm thread which usually enters the body through food contaminated eggs, which then hatch in the intestine and develop into grown in 15 to 28 days," said Dr. Mirriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide".

Female worm then spawn more around the anus, which causes itching, especially at night. If the child scratching yourself, eggs can be easily embedded in the fingers and under the fingernails, as well as put his hand to his mouth, the child start the whole cycle again worms.

Quick Finesse Worms Kids Avoid
photo source : corbis.com

"Worms thread length from two to 13 millimeters are not dangerous, but can cause unpleasant symptoms. Worm thread is very easy to infect and all family members should be treated simultaneously. Way to prevent it by making sure fruits and vegetables are going to be consumed were washed and for vegetables cooked enough even half done, "said Stoppard.

Here are the symptoms of worms:
- Itching around the anus, usually at night.

- White thread-like worms in dirt.

- Can not sleep due to severe itching.

Should consult a doctor? "See your doctor as soon as possible if you find worms in the dirt in white looks small, like yarn or if you just go to areas that are often affected by a worm or if your child seems unwell," he concluded.

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