Alert, Constipation Causes Disease Laparospic

appendicitis is no stranger heard. Many people have the disease detected starting from abdominal pain to constipation. So, whether the cause is indicated as a person eating too much chili? Find out more caused by the following review.

As the name implies, the appendix is ​​part bersaluran short bowel and appendix. His position was sticking out of the meeting intestine and colon. In medical language, called the appendix. The function of the appendix as an immunologic organ that actively participates in the production of immunoglobulin (an immune system).

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix is ​​blocked partially or completely, and bacteria that accumulate in them cause infection.
Alert, Constipation Causes Disease Laparospic
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There are many factors that cause blockage of the appendix, including a pile of feces or stool hard, enlargement of lymphoid tissues, intestinal worms, parasites, foreign bodies in the body, 'primary cancer' and stricture.

Eating chili with seeds or guava often with undigested seeds in the feces and slipped into the channel as foreign appendix. Similarly, the so-called hardening of stools or constipation for a long time which could potentially leave the appendices tucked into the channel. In the end, the part that is tucked into a nest and a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infection which then causes inflammation of the appendix.

In addition, a person who has the disease worms (worms), if the worms are breeding in the large intestine strayed into the appendix, is also a potential cause of appendicitis.

"When there is a blockage, the appendix gets inflamed and swollen that need to be removed surgically. Apandektomi an emergency surgery commonly performed in children. However, appendicitis is rare in infants younger than 12 months," said Dr. Mirriam Stoppard, in his book "Family Health Guide".

Even though it looks scary, you do not need to worry because of appendicitis is not a dangerous disease if treated as soon as possible.

"If diagnosed early, appendicitis is not a serious problem. However, if treatment is delayed for any reason, an accumulation of pus in the appendix can lead to clogged part broke. Condition known as peritonitis and require immediate treatment," said Stoppard .

To that end, recognizing the symptoms of appendicitis preventive measures that need to be done. These symptoms of appendicitis to watch and addressed:

- Abdominal pain, starting from the area around the belly button, then moving down to the lower right abdomen.

- Temperature slightly elevated, rarely exceed 38 degrees Celsius.

- Appetite lost.

- Vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

"If you suspect child stricken with appendicitis, see a doctor as soon as possible. If the appendix ruptured, any delay can cause the infection to spread to all parts of the intestine," urge Stoppard.

Post-surgery, continued Stoppard, give support to the child to rest and eat normally when they get home from the hospital. Children should recover after two or three weeks after surgery.

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