In order for the Small Diligent Toothbrush

Familiarize children diligently brushing is not easy. However, that does not mean the mothers give up. In order for children diligently brush your teeth, parents should encourage children brush their teeth in a fun way.

For example, taking children to brush teeth together. Encourage toddlers to brush your teeth at least every night before bed by brushing teeth together in front of the mirror. If he can not brush their teeth properly because of limited motor skills, then the mother can help menyikatkan again, after the child tried it myself.

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He cajoled by diverting attention if refused disikatkan again.

Create an atmosphere of fun. Toothbrush shaped attractive or ornate child's favorite characters make her happy. She shared with the involvement of his favorite character for him to brush his teeth in sufficient time, at least two minutes. When going to the dentist, and take the child.

Toddlers can see that the parents comfortable with the activities of dental care and dental care room used to smell, to become acquainted with the operator, and the sound of dental equipment that become more cooperative when taken care of the teeth themselves.

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