Avoid Stockpiles Calories, Reduce Soda Now

Bottle of soda contains a lot of calories is not healthy if consumed too often. In fact, in order to burn more calories than a soda bottle required to walk as much as two miles.

People tend to be less likely to indulge their passion drink soda is not healthy when the calorie content translated into physical activity, according to a study of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health School of Public Health.
Avoid Stockpiles Calories, Reduce Soda Now
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"Most American people do not care much about how many calories they need in a day, so translating calories into easily understood if synchronized physical activity may be more meaningful to consumers than the amount of calories," said study author Sara Bleich, PhD, assistant professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, as reported Menshealth, recently.

The number of calories in each 20-ounce soda in the bottle can be translated in a simple way. For example, to eliminate them by washing dishes or grocery shopping for 76 minutes, unicycling or cleaning gutters for 35 minutes, cut the wood for 29 minutes, shoveling or skiing for 25 minutes, boxing or jumping rope for 15 minutes.

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