How to Overcome Stomach Bloating in baby

Newborns have a health condition is not good. Babies often suffer from constipation, flatulence or dysentery because their digestive systems are still in infancy.

Then, when the child began experiencing abdominal bloating, you need to apply a few simple steps, as reported BoldSky.
How to Overcome Stomach Bloating in baby
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Gently pat the baby's back

After eating, you need to pat the baby's back gently as he picked her up. You can do this for one to two minutes until the baby burp. Bloating began to decrease when the baby burp.

Rub the baby's stomach
To overcome bloating, you need a tummy rub gently used baby oil body warmers. But before this is done, you have to put the baby first and then massaged her stomach gave a little pressure. This step can overcome abdominal bloating in children.

Give warm water

When the baby's stomach bloating, you need to give a little warm water to drink. You do not give hot water. In addition, you also need to use warm water to bathe the baby. This step is able to recover the baby's stomach bloating.

Be alert to the bottle-fed baby

You need to be vigilant with the bottle-fed baby, because formula milk can make some baby stomach bloated. You need to observe whether children stomach bloating after drinking milk formula? If yes, then you should avoid your child's milk formula.

Allowing your child to exercise

You need to let baby exercise. One of the sports that can be applied by holding his legs and then move it slowly. This step can improve bowel movement and ease the baby to get rid of gas.

Letting your child active

You can fill the time by getting your child to play. You need to involve the baby in fun activities to help him out of gas in the abdomen. Body movement growing baby are able to help out of gas through belching.

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