Balanced nutrition for children

Nutrition is very influential on the development of children. Unbalanced nutrition will result in short children, emaciation, or obesity.

The notion that "fat is a healthy child" is a stereotype that has been built long ago by the parents of old. But the assumption is still believed by many of today's modern family. This causes parents now prefer the quantity of food consumed by children than the quality of the nutrients contained in them.

The proliferation of food places that serve food and beverages that contain high-energy instant flavorings, colorings, and excessive sugar causes children to prefer these foods over nutritious food. As a result, children become overweight or obese.
Balanced nutrition for children
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Anemia and impaired physical growth or short (stunted) also threatens the children. It is suspected because they have less intake of foods containing iron and zinc. Snacks are less healthy and nutritious food in school canteens is suspected to be the culprit of it all.

"Education and awareness about nutrition to parents is a chore that must be addressed as soon as possible to anticipate the lost generation. Nutrition education to children from the primary school level is also very important to instill healthy eating habits early on.

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