Napping Press Mental Health Problems in the baby

In order to maintain health baby, toddler make sure you have time for a nap. Because in a recent study from the University of Colorado Boulder, toddlers who do not nap will experience increased stress and greater risk for mental health problems in her life.

Why? Toddler takes longer sleep than grown, ranging from eight to 18 hours. So if the toddler does not nap, together with the need to cut their sleep time.

The study was conducted by looking at facial expressions toddler who did not nap and nap. The two groups of toddlers are allowed to play puzzle. As a result, infants who napped look more able to enjoy the game and have a curiosity with the run game. While children who do not nap look first complete the game with a tired face.
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"This study shows the lack of sleep would be associated with mood. Toddlers less sleep time, in this case did not have time to sleep during the day will make the child to express feelings in a different way from the kid who had enough sleep. So from time to time , when accumulated can affect the formation of emotional brain development, "said Prof. LeBourgeois, as reported by Dailymail.

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