8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies

How to avoid allergies in children?this is 8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies.

1. mother's milk is the best protection against allergies. Give exclusive mother's milk up to six months to reduce the risk of allergies.

2. Avoid children from potentially allergenic foods such as egg whites, milk, cereal grains, and honey. Also avoid solid foods until she reaches 6 months.

3. Clean the entire house, especially the bed so that your baby as much as possible free from dust.
8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies
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4. Empty and clean the baby's bedroom, despite all the carpet on the floor, replace it with hardwood floors or linoleum.

5. Try to fill in the small bedroom with a single bed alone and close using the crib mattress and plastic antidebu.

6. Clean the room daily. When cleaning, open all doors and windows to fresh air, then close again.

7. If possible, replace all upholstered furniture with furniture made ​​from materials that can be wiped off, like a layer of wood, vinyl, or leather.

8. Maybe you need to install a "vacuum" dust, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

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