Physical activity makes optimal growth of baby

In its infancy, physical activity is crucial. Although children will be drained of energy because they are active, but the activity can optimize their development.

Active children are healthy and happy child and has boundless energy. In order for children to grow optimally and increasingly active, in this case parents need to encourage their sense of adventure and let them become independent individuals.

With that motivation, your child will be more active where it can make a positive infancy. Parents can do this by facilitating the baby through a number of physical activity for their children. As a result, the growth of their health becomes more leverage.

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"There are a number of medical evidence showing that children's physical activity allows the muscles, heart and lungs working efficiently, the tendency slim than fat, and bones strong and growing well," said Dr Mirriam Stoppard in his book entitled "Health Guide Family ".

Because the benefits of physical activity depends on the intensity and duration of these activities, children who actively play and exercise also tend to be grown who are more fit. "Children who are active are generally more slender and showed a greater physical capacity than his friends who are less active in all age," said Stoppard in his book.

How much exercise is needed during the growing period is not known with certainty because of the needs of each individual is different. However parents need to encourage children to have activities that make it active.

"You should encourage your child's physical activity as early as possible. Encourage hobbies and sports activities draining and do not be overly protective as to prevent children from being physically active and adventurous," pleaded Stoppard.

The more activities that are attended by all members of the family, then it will get better and it will not be harmful to parents who worked in the office everyday.

"Children tend to be sedentary and obese children are at risk of suffering from diabetes, simply because of being overweight. Children who are obese are also at risk of suffering from disorders 'old age', such as heart disease, at the age of 20. This is another reason to encourage children you to be active, "says Stoppard.

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