Relieve Pain At Finesse Baby Teething

Teething symptoms in infants is not harmful, but it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Perform these ways to make it more comfortable.

When teething, the baby will be more sensitive, such as easily disturbed, more spoiled, and cranky. To calm him down, there are tips that can be applied Moms.

Following exposure to Dr. Mirriam Stoppard, health experts in his book "Family Health Guide".

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- Hugs and carrying baby as often as possible. Babies who are teething need to feel loved. Teething does not mean that babies need to quickly weaned. Babies can still be fed toothed without causing discomfort to the teeth.

- Divert the attention of children with special toys to bite the cooled (but not frozen, because the child may develop frostbite) or a carrot, whatever the texture firm. Do not leave him with food worries choking.

- Do not rush to give him paracetamol. During the teething process, such a dose of pain reliever may be too big for him. Just use the appropriate pain reliever medical advice.

- Rub the swollen gums with your finger. Try to avoid the teething gel containing a local anesthetic, because the effect is only temporary and sometimes cause allergies.

- If the child refuses food, persuade him to want to eat by providing cold and soft foods, such as yogurt, ice cream, or jelly.

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