Noise Disturb Baby Brain Growth

Do not underestimate the quality of the child's bedroom. Therefore, parents should keep the baby's sleeping comfort that your body and brain grow and develop optimally.

During the baby sleep, blood flow to the brain also increased during this stage of sleep Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep or active.

Noise Disturb Baby Brain Growth
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It plays an important role in the psychological health of the baby and infant brain activity, thus allowing optimal growth and development of the baby's brain.

To support the work processes of growth and development of the baby's brain, it's good as long as the baby does not get the sleep disorder, both disorders caused by leaking diapers comfort or due to a noisy environment sound. Because the noises can interfere with infant brain growth.

"The environment is too noisy on some of the research will lead to a focus thought disorder. Consequently, there should be no sound over 80 decibels as it may interfere with brain growth in the future," said dr. Rosalina Roeslani

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