Do not Origin Give the Kids Breakfast Menu

Nutrition in children is an important thing that should not be underestimated. Because good nutrition in children can affect all aspects of later life, either as individual beings, social beings, and as the next generation.

"The state will not go ahead if there is no progress of education. Education can not advance if health does not support," said Prof. Dr. Ir Musliyar Kasim MS.

Still in relation to the adequacy of nutrition, Prof Musliyar mention virtue breakfast.

"The main meal is eaten in the morning, so did the tradition in my family, but still healthy menu such as rice and vegetables," he said.

Existing problems, again due to lack of knowledge about health and fulfillment of good nutrition for children, their parents is only considered by eating enough.
Kids Breakfast Menu
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"Parents who have a lot of thoughts, which is important breakfast. Potluck But just so fast, and children were given instant noodles. Fact how the adequacy of nutrients in it, not necessarily considered," added Septi Novida MPd Dra.

So the origin gives diet in children is also not good, should always be considered nutritional adequacy.

"The parents have to be more creative. Example, if you do not afford to buy meat, should know what foods to replace meat, which is more affordable, but more or less the same nutrients as meat," he concluded.

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