Probiotics Important for Pregnant

If during the term probiotic known only as facilitating digestion. It turned out better than that, probiotics in the body has an important role for maternal health and infant pregnant.

Probiotics are good bacteria in the body can contribute to enhance the body's immunity, thereby minimizing the possibility of the body to infection or germs. A mother who has a large number of probiotics in the body will have a level of personal hygiene is better than mothers who did not. In addition, mother milk is also useful for the baby to feed him later in order to avoid various diseases such as allergies, diarrhea, asthma as well.

Probiotics Important for Pregnant
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"Nutrition during pregnancy play a role during the formation of the fetus, also play a role in the composition of mom milk. milk also contains probiotics-good bacteria. So mothers who have large amounts of probiotics in the body works well to prevent themselves from diseases that harm herself and the fetus. Likewise with milk is produced, "said Erika Isolauri MD D Med Sci, pediatricians who are experts in the field of digestive and allergy at the University of Turku, Finland, in educating the media organized by Nestle Nutrition Institute with the theme of" Probiotics Important During Pregnancy  "at the Hotel Sari Pan Pacific.

Probiotic bacteria that are present in the human body. However, the amount of probiotics in the body much reduced, one due to the intake-intake unhealthy.

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