Love's mother Improve Quality Child Brain

Mother's love all the time, so the saying goes. Not only to provide comfort for the baby to live, the love of a mother can improve the quality of a child's brain growth.

It was revealed from the Washington University School of Medicine study of relativity love of a mother with regard to intelligence.

"This study validates a thing that seems intuitive. Parental love has an important role for the creation of adaptive human," said study author Joan L Luby in the journal "Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" issue, as reported by Heathmeup.

"It can be seen from the research scan the 92 school children pre-school who have had symptoms of depression with a mentally healthy.

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Children who get the full affection of a mother having the hippocampus (the hippocampus) is greater. the hippocampus is a part of the brain which is a key area for learning, memory store, and response to stress, "he added.

Results showed that children without depression who had lovingly cared hippocampus nearly 10 percent greater than children who are not cared for his mother. This study also concluded that a change in the critical areas of the brain anatomy of children associated with the maintenance of a mother.

"Most researchers examining psychosocial factors and school performance, but this study really shows the anatomical changes in the brain. Children who have a hippocampus that is almost 10 percent more concrete evidence of a strong effect of the presence of good parenting," concluded Luby.

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