Baby Signs Normal Birth

Normal birth baby is the dream of every parent. To ensure normal birth or not, you can see from these signs.

Said to be normal if the baby was born healthy physically and mentally. Generally, the baby looks perfect in the weeks after birth. At birth, her face still round with skin color tends to red.

But, you need to check vital signs to make sure that the baby was born normal or not. Here is a guide, as reported by Boldsky.
Baby Signs Normal Birth
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The first thing to do after the baby is born from the womb of his mother was crying. When crying, the baby's heart pumping automatically.

If a newborn does not cry in shock, the doctor will hit fine ass baby that made her cry.

10 fingers and toes

A tradition that has been carried out to ensure the fingers on the hands and feet of each 10. It is a ritual to ensure that the baby does not have a physical disability.

Eyeball moves

Cornea newborns is not fully developed and it's common for them to keep their eyes closed. However, the eyes should be open in a few days. When the baby opens his eyes, try to control attention by moving a finger or a toy to see if the eyes move in response to stimuli.

Being able to hear

Initially difficult to predict whether your baby heard correctly or not. But, you can

Ideal Weight

It is normal for babies lose weight after birth. However, it is no more than 10 percent of the total weight.

Love to suckle

Hungry baby is a healthy baby. If your baby is very keen to breastfeed, it showed he was hungry. A baby fed with drinking milk while asleep is also a natural thing. This shows that babies desperately need energy.

Features a baby face

Most were born of normal birth have elongated heads, but it will change in a few weeks.
You also need to check other abnormalities in facial features, such as a crooked nose or mouth droop which are symptoms of Down syndrome.


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