Here's How the Right Toothbrush

If everyone brush their teeth properly, the cavities can be gone for up to two generations ahead. This opinion was presented to experts the World Health Organization.

So, how to brush their teeth? It is recommended by experts, toothbrush pressure on the gums and teeth should be soft.
Here's How the Right Toothbrush
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If it's too rough, toothbrushes can damage gum tissue outside.

Here's how to properly brush your teeth, according to experts, as quoted Genius Beauty ..

1. Before brushing, rinse the mouth first use warm water to remove mucus.

2. Rub the surface of the tooth vertically down.

3. Perform short movement to clean the gums and tooth neck, repeat on the other tooth surfaces.

4. Brush your teeth with the top of the vertical angle of 45 degrees, make sure the tip of the toothbrush on the gums.

5. Clean the surface of the tongue with a slow sweeping motion.

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