Birth of Two-Year Pause create smart Brain Child

Forget educational DVDs and private tutors are expensive, secret smart kid turned out to be simple. The trick, give pause first two years of the birth of the second child.

The researchers studied the data of thousands of children find that the two-year interval to be optimal in increasing the intelligence of children. They studied 3,000 women who gave birth to 5000 pairs of brothers. The children were then tested for reading and math when they were age five and seven years.

As a result, children who have age gap of two years or more had higher scores than children whose age was meeting with the brother.

This theory is summarized by Kasey Buckles, an assistant professor at the University of Notre Dame economist. He said it is possible that differences in academic achievement associated with parents' ability to pause the birth and the availability of time to be able to provide good care to their first child before her sister was born.
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Unfortunately, the study reported in the Journal of Human Resources is not clear whether the study results do not indicate whether the same benefits are also felt his brother.

"We believe that this is a benefit enjoyed by parents when they keep a distance between siblings," said Kasey Buckles, who led the study, as reported by Dailymail, Monday.

The study also confirmed that the birth interval is too tight will be difficult for parents to give full attention to the first child. Because the parent must be busy taking care of her sister.

"Distance is important because two years early years are the most important years in a child's development. So, devote time to children when they are young as a year would be more difficult than dividing it when the child is school," he said

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