Prevent Burn Injuries in baby

For the mother who has a baby that started to creep or walk, had more extra to watch. At that age, children are very happy around the house and reach everything. It's not impossible he could grab objects pose a burn hazard.

But avoid this way.

- Provide knowledge to children about hot objects and flammable, persuasive manner.

- Keep heat sources such as candles, stoves, blow dryer out of the reach of children.

- Do not engage in activities related to the heat while carrying the child, such as cooking, bringing food or drinks hot or too cold.
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- Taste the first all food and drink before feeding children, make sure not too hot.

- Do not allow children to play with a hot shower. Hot water for the children should be no more than 37.7 degrees Celsius.

- Supervise the use of electricity at home. Should the electricity used appliance using a short cable and not hang so easily removed. Keep children away from electrical outlet or switch. Close any place that used to plug the power cord.

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