Maternal consumption is prohibited

pregnancy is a challenging period for every woman in their life. Because they have to undergo changes in body shape that will affect the mood and needs to respond in ways that are different from the usual or when you're not pregnant.

Toughest challenges commonly experienced by pregnant women are hormonal changes that urged them to crave different kinds of foods that are in the list of "don'ts". Because pregnant women are not only required to maintain personal health, but also to keep and watch prospective healthcare continues to change their babies in the womb. So, be very concerned about the intake being consumed.

What are some foods that prohibited the consumption of pregnant women? These reviews are reported Healthmad.

Fish that are high in calories

Fish is rich in protein and a good source of the Omega-3 fatty acids. However, there are certain fish that contains mercury substances in the skin layers that can damage the nervous system of newborn infants.

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Big fish contain more mercury than small fish. Therefore, the food and medicine watchdog has recommended that pregnant women avoid king mackerel, tilefish, shark, and swordfish (Ikang sword / swordfish). Tuna contains lower amounts of mercury, but still be wary.

Soft cheeses

Soft cheeses can be dangerous, especially soft cheeses are imported, because the possibility of storing bacteria known as listeria and cause miscarriage lead. These bacteria can cross the placenta and cause an infection causing blood poisoning. The impact in some cases lead to birth with severe disease.

Raw and undercooked foods of animal-based

Undercooked meat and poultry contain many viruses, parasites, and bacteria. In addition, the possibility of high bacteria poisoning during pregnancy.

Raw eggs

Eating foods that contain raw eggs should be avoided because they contain salmonella. For instance, a salad dressing or mayonnaise various other types.


Intake of caffeine within reasonable limits not harmful, but there are several references stating that caffeine can cause miscarriage, especially during the first trimester. Because it is a diuretic effect, eliminating caffeine intake of fluid from the body thus making more loss of calcium and water.

The researchers say that much caffeine has been linked to premature birth, miscarriage, and low weight babies.

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