Create intelligent brains of children with this game

The weekend has arrived, time to take some time to play with your baby. Choose a fun game, but it can stimulate the brain intelligence.

Want to know what kind of toys that can stimulate the brain, following the leak as reported by Boldsky.


Children love to play puzzle. This game is very fun, but it also makes concentrating to compose the picture properly. This will make it familiar to concentrate and make a memory in his brain working properly.

Create intelligent brains of children with this game
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Take the puzzle levels from simple to difficult stages, so its ability is increasing.

Remember me!

Prepare 10 objects on the table randomly. Put it on the table, let your child listen to no matter what. Then closed his eyes. Remove the object from the table and tell him to come back mentioning any objects on the table earlier. Or you could just by name 10 objects, and let him come back to remember and mention. If true, give chocolate or a carton of milk ready to drink.

figures missing

Count from one to 10 or more, measured according to age and ability count. Remove one of the numbers, and let him guess what number did not you mention.

Make him tell

After a week passed, ask what has he passed at the school. Or make him talk about interesting things that he passed. This will make trying to remember what he had done.

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