Healthy started from the kitchen

Remember the adage clean healthy base? Of course, healthy life if we will come clean.

However, health is not only obtained through nutritious food, but also obtained from the quality of the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Related to this, Prof. Dr. Dr. Rachmadhi Purwana advise people need to improve habits like throwing leftover food on plates and cookware, then immediately wash using dishwashing soap and sponge replace dishwasher.
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"In everyday use, the sponge should be replaced a maximum of two weeks," he suggested in the seminar "Improving Sanitation Hygiene Hospital Kitchen and Home Appliances" at Hotel Le Meridien.

In addition, people need to clean the kitchen every day and provide lidded bins for the kitchen.

"Ideally, the kitchen is cleaned every day and bins must be closed," he said.

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