Do not Let Baby Sitting Too Long

Do not leave infants less than one month in a sitting position for a long time. The reason, it can make them face the risk of increased infant mortality conditions suddenly.

Such a warning was conveyed Dr Arore Cote, one of the researchers from the McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada. Together with his colleagues, he reported that the mortality among infants in a sitting position accounted for three percent of all infant deaths they examined as part of his studies.

Do not Let Baby Sitting Too Long
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"Based on other studies that examined the level of oxygen in the blood of infants in a sitting position, to be compared with infants who were in bed, I would say an hour despite being the maximum time," said Cote told Reuters Health.

Cote's group conducted for 10 years, until December 2000, of all sudden deaths are unexplained between birth and age 1 year terhadi in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Overall, 10 infants in the unexplained deaths and seven unexplained death group died while sitting in a car seat or other seating. When the researchers took into account age received 9.4 percent of the infants who died at less than 1 month of age were in a sitting position meningggal armpit. In contrast, only 2.4 percent of the infants at the age of 1 month were dying in a sitting position.

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