Symptoms Appetite Missing Child

Many things can cause an impact on child health decline will affect the growth of children. Therefore, Moms to be alert and recognize the symptoms so that child development is not interrupted.

Loss of appetite can also affect the level of immunity so that children will easily hurt. Before the late affected, the following symptoms sign children lose their appetite, according to Dr Mirriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide '

- If your baby or child under six years suddenly reluctant to eat and seemed lethargic.

Symptoms Appetite Missing Child
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- If the child is usually eager to eat, but refused to eat all day and seemed agitated.

- If the child is not feeling well and felt pain.

- Headache with feeling like vomiting and dizziness.

- If your child complains of blurred vision, especially after a clash of heads.

- Severe pain that gripped at regular intervals.

- Pain in right side of stomach and want to throw up breathing.

- If the child was breathing heavily and attracted ribs down hard each time to breathe.

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