Recognize It, How Popular Myth Five Caring for baby

Many mothers are stuck in a misleading myth while caring for a baby. So you do not belong in it, recognize the popular myths below.

Myths are largely derived from the traditions and rituals of the community is much used as a guide, not to mention health information about caring for a baby. Although occasionally have a point, you need to remain vigilant to understand. Make sure your baby's care in ways appropriate and not based on the myth that is misleading.
Popular Myth Five Caring for baby
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To make sure that you take care of the newborn in the right way, you need to dispel some myths about baby care. Here are five myths that you should know to be true, as reported by Boldsky.

Myth 1: "It should give milk to the baby during the first three days'

The statement is clearly wrong and even dangerous. For the first three days after delivery, Mom milk secrete a yellowish fluid called colostrum. In some cultures, you are forbidden to feed the baby while you remove the colostrum. But actually, this would make a baby lose important nutrients. Because the mother's colostrum can provide immunity to the baby's body.

Myth 2: "The baby's eyes change color, the sign was wrong"

Information correct the cornea newborns is not fully developed. Your baby's eye color will change gradually when the cornea developed. By the time the baby is six months old, eye color will reach its original color.

Myth 3: "Oil massage is needed for newborns"

For information, the oil glands newborns has not been fully developed. So, all you jerky oil into his body will be wasted. In fact, these myths can cause acne on your baby's skin because the oil is not absorbed by the skin cells.

Myth 4: "Exposing the baby in the sun is good for the bones"

This time it is true. Because sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. But you need to know is the best for the baby to sunlight. For the sun in a tropical country does more harm. For that, make sure you hang out in the sun before nine o'clock in the morning. You can do it in seven to eight o'clock in the morning. Remember, do not leave them too long. Jemurlah approximately 15 minutes and does not need to be done every day.

Myth 5: "Too much crying can make the baby sick"

The correct information is, the benefits of a baby crying can actually make the heart grow stronger. When the baby opens his mouth wide and wept, they actually use their lungs to the fullest. So, crying confer benefits on health. Therefore, do not rush to panic when he starts whining. Crying can also improve the clarity of the sound of a newborn

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