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Running a healthier life contained in your 2013 resolution list? Do not let it forgotten because the real gift of health to be thankful in a way to be maintained properly.

Making a healthier life is not difficult, one way that can be taken is memerbanyak consumption of fruits and vegetables every day. Why is that? Because fruits and vegetables contain vitamins and minerals that regulate energy metabolism, growth and maintenance of the body, and contains high fiber.

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Fruits and vegetables also contain a variety of vitamins that benefit the body, namely vitamins A, D, E, K, C, B, and B12. Vitamin A for the maintenance of eye health, vitamin D for bone health, vitamin E to fertility and youthful, vitamin K for blood clotting, vitamin C to boost the immune system against infections, vitamin B to prevent the disease beriberi, and vitamin B12 to increased appetite.

Very interesting, is not it? Before rushing to eat them, you would need to carefully choose fruits and vegetables are good fresh nan so that the benefits obtained contained the fullest.

Here's how to choose fruits and vegetables are good from the Ministry of Health as a form of health promotion:

Choose a pesticide-free

Choose fruits and vegetables that are free of pesticides and other harmful substances. Normally the characteristics of vegetables and fruits are good there is a little worm-eaten holes and keep it fresh.

Choose colorful vegetables jihau old, yellow, and orange

All good to eat vegetables, especially colored vegetables, dark green, yellow, and orange, such as spinach, kale, leaf katuk, carrots, green beans, green salad, or cassava leaves.

Choose red and yellow fruit

All the pieces were basically as good for consumption. But the red and yellow fruit contains fiber, vitamins, and minerals are higher, such as the mango, papaya, oranges, guava, or apples.

That the family used to eat vegetables and fruit, and prepare vegetables and fruits at home at an affordable price. If there is little vacant land in the yard, it does not hurt if you use it to grow vegetables and fruit. Do not forget also, take advantage of every opportunity at home to remind about the importance of eating vegetables and fruits.

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