How Child Brain Stimulation in Gynecology

Since the fetus, the brain is already starting to grow and develop. Stimulation was already needs to be given. Confused how?

Stimulate a baby's brain can be done since the age of 18-20 weeks of gestation. This is because at these times occur progress fetal nerve cells are strong, then do not delay Moms stimulation.

How Child Brain Stimulation in Gynecology
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"Stimulation of the fetus in the womb carried by getting talked, talked, sang songs, recited prayers, religious songs, stroking the mother's abdomen. Can also play the song on the radio with cassette taped to the mother's womb," said Dr.. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in a seminar titled Nutrition and Stimulation for Children Intelligence JIExpo, Jakarta, a few days ago.

Furthermore, Soedjatmiko suggested that mothers strive for a given stimulation brings positive energy, do not comment on things less well, avoid fast anxious because later will affect the baby after birth.

"Stimulation should be done every day, every moment she can interact with her ​​fetus. Example, while bathing, cooking, washing clothes, gardening, reading newspapers or magazines, watching television, in the office, on the market, anywhere to do stimulation. Moms too should not be stressed because the fetus can be felt and not good for the growth and development of the brain, "he concluded.

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