This Food Fit for Children Diabetes

Children with diabetes often do not have much choice of food for eating. Parents are also confused and worried if they buy a variety of foods.

But the doctors say that a diabetic diet does not need to be too tight. Learn what are the best foods that can be given to children.

Pay attention to what the doctor says and follow the prompts to discipline, can help your child to be able to eat and enjoy food like other children. A proper meal planning is a much needed children with diabetes.

Here are five of the best food for children with diabetes, as reported by Boldsky.

This Food Fit for Children Diabetes
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If the doctors allow your child to consume carbohydrates, then the carbs in some menus, for example in the afternoon and evening. Replace the rice and give it a free starch sugar content but rich in protein.

Children who take insulin or other diabetes medications should monitor the level of carbohydrates in their bodies.

Fruits & vegetables

Melons, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, various berry fruits, and pear fruit can be used as a safe option for children with diabetes. Low-fat yogurt also can be selected to increase their energy.


Fried seafood is not a healthy choice. Although most seafood contains good fats, they still need to be cooked in the right way.

Grilled fish with lemon on nonstick pan to prevent oil. Add vegetable stew that adds delicacy.


Lean meats are the best for children with diabetes. Replace ground turkey instead of beef relatively little fat. Boneless chicken without the skin with a combination of vegetables and sauces can be colorful and filling for your child.


The best way to still get the benefits of fat is to choose foods low in fat yield. Choose cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies are low in fat. Skim milk and ice cream can still be enjoyed occasionally. So, make ice cream without sugar that children be protected away from unhealthy foods.

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