Alert, After the Party Stress Trigger Happy Hour!

Regular year-end party awash with discounts at the shopping center. Quite often, you dissolve in a grand sale offer. However, you should still be wary. Because, deep in discount party can trigger stress.

According to recent research from a team of researchers Chinese University of Hong Kong and the National University of Singapore says that carrying bags of heavy groceries could increase stress levels.

Research done by looking at how physical the men were lifting a heavy load, and to assess consumer reaction. The research team formed two groups. The first group is the consumer who is raising a lot of groceries in hand. And the other group, the ones who were free of shopping bags are heavy.

Participants of the two groups were given to questions by the research team. As a result, a group of participants carrying shopping bags tend to answer questions posed by the serious things than the participants of the group were not carrying a physical burden inherited.

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From there, researchers Meng Zhang and Xiuping Li concluded in their findings that the weight will affect the physical incurred "heavy psychological" one.

"Previous research has shown that physical experience carrying weight can affect people's judgments in unrelated domains such as the importance of an event," said they, as reported Womansday.

The research presented in the Journal of Consumer Research finds an upcoming issue, that there is a negative psychological impact that can be eliminated when participants carry heavy loads. Because, at that time the brain were instructed to think about light objects such as balloons and feathers so that the pressure in the unconscious mind.

For information, in 2009 it was reported that stress and chronic pain that afflicts the workers some $ 100 billion cost to cure. While stress itself is a serious health problem because it causes trouble sleeping, sweating, loss of appetite, and difficulty concentrating, and even high blood pressure.

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