Napping Make Kids Smart and High Growth

Sleeping during the day, not only relieve fatigue in children. But it can also prevent the inhibition of the growth of the child.
"People need eight hours of sleep a day. Children should be longer. However, unfortunately not all children are accustomed to family nap like children bygone era," said Dr Handrawan Nadesul, in his book Raising Baby Kids So Smart.

In his book, poetry lovers doctor explains that the benefits of napping happenings unfold in America. National study on the benefits of napping appeared in Washington DC. Three-fifths of Americans do not take a nap, and productivity of work is not as good as the people who take a nap.

Napping Make Kids Smart
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Do not nap too slow the process works. The same survey also found benefit significantly nap. Including studies at Harvard University Medical School, that really needed a nap. "After over one year of age children begin to be more active and bedtime began to decline. Having children can begin to actively running, more difficult to take him sleeping, but they still need more. Pace of growth of the child's body were accustomed nap more optimal than children who do not sleep afternoon "said the doctor Nadesul.

More male born in 1948, explained that for a nap or a growth hormone called human-growth hormone (h-Gh) more flooding in the blood. "This hormone that stimulates the growth of the child's body. Then, children who are accustomed to more rapid growth nap or higher, compared to children who do not nap," he said.

Growth hormone that has been blessed since the child was born is produced by the brain. Working closely with the hormonal systems of the body, especially the thyroid hormones, hormones child kidneys, bones, and muscles rapidly growing child. Growth hormone function gradually decreases with increasing age of the child, and stopped upon reaching the age of puberty. Thus, children are not getting taller anymore after the age of 20 years, when sex hormones become active. At that end of the long bones have closed so it does not grow long again.

"So it would be wise when giving children the opportunity to grow more optimally with a simple and inexpensive way. Nothing more practical option than him berkebiasaan nap. Naps have become a habit for the whole family," imbaunya.

Do not need a long nap. Quite a one-two hours sleep soundly origin. "It's not the amount of sleep that determine the quality of sleep, but rather whether a deep sleep. Sleep an hour and more quality than sleep soundly for over an hour, but not asleep," he concluded.

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