Set Balanced Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Fulfillment proper nutrition during pregnancy may affect the baby's development. Therefore, pregnant women should be taking some of this nutrient.

Here is presented dr. Lany Goddess Wijono, M. Nutrition, SpGK Premier Jatinegara Hospital.

Folic Acid

Useful in cell division, prevent anemia and reduce the risk of neural tube deffects (NTD). Needs recommended folic acid is 600 mcg per day.

Typically, pregnant women will receive 400 mcg of folic acid supplementation per day.

Set Balanced Nutrition for Pregnant Women
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Then, other sources of folic acid can be obtained from foods such as chicken and beef liver, eggs, asparagus, broccoli, beans, kale, and orange.

If pregnant women folic acid deficiency is causing the closure of the spinal marrow or cleft spine (spina bifida), including congenital defect that occurs in the spinal canal and backbone result of not being closed before birth (myelomeningocele).


Function for the formation of red blood cells, red blood cells forming materials, and optimize muscle function. Generally, pregnant women need iron as much as 27 mg per day. However, the second and third trimester, pregnant women are usually given an iron supplement of 30 mg per day. For pregnant women with iron deficiency will cause anemia.


Its function is to prevent premature infants, congenital abnormalities, abnormal brain development that, to prevent fetal organ growth disorders, so that normal brain development, immune fetus, fetal growth process.

Iron needs this as much as 11-13 mg per day. In pregnancy, zinc plays a role in the formation of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and Nucleic Acid Dioksiribosa (DNA) fetuses.


Required for the growth of fetal bones and teeth, as well as to protect pregnant women from osteoporosis. Pregnant women need calcium between 1000 to 1300 mg. Supplementation in pregnant women is needed if not consume milk or milk products.

Vitamin D

Useful for bone disorders and help prevent the absorption of calcium. Pregnant women must take vitamin D per day total of 5 mcg (200 IU). When deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy, it can cause tooth enamel developmental disorders and calcium deficiencies in the fetus.


  1. Fresh fruits and vegetables contain a variety of vitamins a pregnant woman can benefit from, and that she can pass to her growing baby. Vitamin C found in fresh fruits and vegetables helps to build a baby's skeleton.During pregnancy, woman's body pumps more blood and supplies it to the fetus. Due to the increased blood volume, a pregnant woman requires additional iron. Iron can be found in foods such as dried fruits, spinach, liver and dark green leafy vegetables.Protein helps build baby's body tissues, skeleton and the placenta, and can be found in meat, fish, poultry and eggs, beans, lentils and nuts. Protein foods are recommended at three 2- to 3-oz. servings a day.

  2. Fresh fruit is one of the best snacking options. They are rich in vitamin C and antioxidants, strengthening your immune system to fight off infections and diseases.

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