Early Detection to prevent of ovarian cancer

As members of the body, the ovary as the egg-producing organs were not safe from attack cancer. The danger, of cancer of the ovary is not accompanied by symptoms until the cancer has moved to an advanced stage.

Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor that can occur in one or both ovaries. It usually occurs in women after menopause, but sometimes in younger women.

Including hard to detect ovarian cancer. Because new symptoms arise after the cancer was already in advanced.

"Ovarian cancer usually does not cause symptoms until they reach the advanced level. Currently, cancer is very difficult to treat effectively. Ovarian cancer is usually quite aggressive and can spread quite rapidly in its development," said Dr Mirriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide".

ovarian cancer
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Nevertheless, there are some common symptoms that can be suspected to be checked by a doctor.

"Abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, a hard lump in the abdomen. If a tumor measuring rice, pressure on the bladder can cause frequent urination, shortness of breath sometimes if a tumor pressing on the diaphragm," says Stoppard.

The exact cause of ovarian cancer incidence has not been confirmed with certainty. But even this cancer is genetic.

"There are various theories about the causes of ovarian cancer. Cancer is more common in older women and women who have not had children. More rarely found in women who had used oral contraceptives for several years, and women who get menstruation and late menopause more beginning, "said Stoppard.

"Some families carry genes called BRCA1 that increase the likelihood of ovarian cancer," he added.
If you have a family history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer, tell your doctor immediately. 

The surgeon will try to lift the whole tumor and local spread. The extent of surgery depends on the type of tumor was found.
So, what hope is there for pengidam ovarian cancer?

"Hope the long run depends on the stage of the cancer and malignant cell types in the ovary, but this figure is not conclusive. If the cancer is confined to the ovary, 60 to 70 percent of women have a life expectancy of only five years by 10 to 20 percent," close Stoppard .

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