Pregnant women are not neglected Perhaps Dental Care

Routine check-up of pregnant women to a gynecologist is very common. Is the same thing applies to see a dentist?

Hmm ... it seems pretty rare women who are willing to sit in a room lined dentist. Whereas oral health were influenced by the growth of the fetus?

Do not believe? Check out reviews dr Fredrico SpOG Patria, as reported by Mom & Kiddie.

"Most pregnant women are reluctant to check their teeth at the dentist because I was lazy or scared. There is also the worry can affect pregnancy. In addition, a visit to the dentist will add to the cost of family health expenditures, especially health care for families who are not covered by insurance. Another reason that is busy, "said Fredrico.

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But you know, this is hazardous for pregnant women themselves. Often pregnant women do not realize when their teeth are pain no apparent reason. When pregnant women feel the complaints and postpone the examination to the dentist, the complaint would be heavier. If pain due to inflammation of the gums, then the inflamed gums will become swollen and bleed easily. It can make a pregnant woman have difficulty speaking and eating difficult. As a result, supply of required nutrients pregnant women disrupted. Not only pregnant women, fetal growth is conceived also be disrupted.

"When untreated or dental treatment measures, the infection will spread to the blood vessels that can lead to a condition that can be life-threatening sepsis pregnant women themselves," he said.

Causes of Tooth pregnant women pain

A pregnant woman will experience hormonal changes due to pregnancy, dietary changes, increased stomach acid into the mouth because of complaints of nausea and vomiting in early pregnancy.

As a result, vulnerable pregnant women suffer from inflammation or infection of the gums and tissues around the teeth. This condition raises "pain" the teeth caused by many things such as:

- Pain in the incisor region

- Swollen gums

- The disease gingivitis, which is inflammation of the gum area

- Inflammation of the nerve roots of the teeth

Gingivitis Danger!

Gum disease is a common medical language is an inflammation called gingivitis. Pregnant women who suffer from gingivitis can cause speech disorders and eating so that the supply of nutrients for pregnant women and the fetus is reduced. In addition, fetal growth so stunted and birth weight in low. The pain caused by inflammation and infection can stimulate spending substances called prostaglandins that can trigger contractions. Ultimately raised risk of miscarriage and premature labor or preterm labor.

The American Academy of Periodontology reported that the chances of a pregnant woman suffering from inflammation of the gums will give birth to babies with low birth weight seven times more likely than pregnant women who do not suffer from the disease.

Pregnant women or patchwork Can Pull Teeth?

Untreated cavities often makes us uncomfortable. And the mouth is the gateway to the intake of nutrients for the health of mother and fetus. Therefore, the teeth are healthy and well groomed is very important for pregnant women.

For ordinary people (non-pregnant), who first performed the action must be pulling teeth cavities. However, what about pregnant women? By Fredrico, remove or patch your teeth during pregnancy should be done, but your dentist will certainly notice first the teeth, gums, and illnesses suffered by pregnant women. So do not be vain!

Remember! There are certain limitations when there are pregnant women should see a dentist. Do not forget to tell your dentist how old the pregnancy, so it could be considered whether or not additional examinations such as X-ray.

If pregnant women already toothaches, teeth checked immediately for treatment should be. As first aid, pregnant women can gargle with warm salt water and taking pain relieving medicine.

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