How to Teach Kids Smart Living Hygienic

Maintaining a healthy life should always imparted to children early. Because the positive habits that will stick to it until grown.

Habits like shower every day, brush your teeth, wash your hands frequently and wear clean clothes will do their own children, without having to be told. Therefore, children have started independently trained to maintain their health.

Here are tips that you can do in order to train children from an early age to live hygienically, as reported by eHow.

Let him imitate

Let your child watch you brush your teeth in the morning and evening. Children learn by watching you.

Create routines

Make a colorful poster or chart that contains a list of activities that must be completed and allow the child put a sticker beside each activity completed.

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Children learn through repetition, stick, at the same daily routine. The way it effectively makes the kids make things as routine.

Discuss how to use the right soap

Tell your child to wash their hands with warm water and menyabuninya at least 15 seconds. To make hand washing more fun, you can buy scented hand soap.

Explain the importance of cleaning teeth

Did he choose a toothbrush and toothpaste alone? Let him choose his favorite flavor so brushing more fun for them.


Do expectations of your child beforehand will prepare his own clothes before showering, or find where the brush his teeth before going into the bathroom. Because the age of the child was just happy to help you choose favorite nightgown, not preparing. Do the lessons incrementally.

Make hearts happy

Sing a song with him, playing with bath toys like ducks or small balls, while being bath. Bath time toys like play foam that sticks to the wall when wet becomes entertainment for your child.

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