Here's How the Right Toothbrush

If everyone brush their teeth properly, the cavities can be gone for up to two generations ahead. This opinion was presented to experts the World Health Organization.

So, how to brush their teeth? It is recommended by experts, toothbrush pressure on the gums and teeth should be soft.
Here's How the Right Toothbrush
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If it's too rough, toothbrushes can damage gum tissue outside.

Here's how to properly brush your teeth, according to experts, as quoted Genius Beauty ..

1. Before brushing, rinse the mouth first use warm water to remove mucus.

2. Rub the surface of the tooth vertically down.

3. Perform short movement to clean the gums and tooth neck, repeat on the other tooth surfaces.

4. Brush your teeth with the top of the vertical angle of 45 degrees, make sure the tip of the toothbrush on the gums.

5. Clean the surface of the tongue with a slow sweeping motion.

Avoid Stockpiles Calories, Reduce Soda Now

Bottle of soda contains a lot of calories is not healthy if consumed too often. In fact, in order to burn more calories than a soda bottle required to walk as much as two miles.

People tend to be less likely to indulge their passion drink soda is not healthy when the calorie content translated into physical activity, according to a study of the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health School of Public Health.
Avoid Stockpiles Calories, Reduce Soda Now
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"Most American people do not care much about how many calories they need in a day, so translating calories into easily understood if synchronized physical activity may be more meaningful to consumers than the amount of calories," said study author Sara Bleich, PhD, assistant professor of health policy and management at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, as reported Menshealth, recently.

The number of calories in each 20-ounce soda in the bottle can be translated in a simple way. For example, to eliminate them by washing dishes or grocery shopping for 76 minutes, unicycling or cleaning gutters for 35 minutes, cut the wood for 29 minutes, shoveling or skiing for 25 minutes, boxing or jumping rope for 15 minutes.

Joints Disorders in the Elderly, How to tackle it?

When the elderly women, there will be many medical conditions that may strike. One of the possible health disorders are rheumatoid arthritis attack. Disease that attacks the joints and other organs can be prevented by using sunlight.

The new findings show a benefit for women who are routinely exposed to the morning sun healthy, to reduce and prevent the risk of rheumatoid arthritis. This beneficial effect, the researchers believe that ultraviolet B (UV-B) in sunlight may be beneficial to older women, as reported by Health24.

Joints Disorders
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For the study, the researchers looked at approximately 235,000 participants took part in two stages the U.S. Nurses Health Study. The first phase started in 1976 with nurses aged 30 to 55 and continued until 2008. The second phase began in 1989 with nurses aged 25 to 42 and continued until 2009.

At the end of the two-phase, 1,314 of women had developed rheumatoid arthritis. Among women in the first stage of the study Nurses' Health, people with yangs often exposed to levels of UV-B are 21 percent less likely to develop rheumatoid arthritis than those with low exposure.

However, the relationship between UV-B exposure and the risk of rheumatoid arthritis is not visible evident among young women in the second stage. Women younger than women in the first phase and may be more aware about the dangers of too much sun exposure and avoid them.

"Our study adds to growing evidence that exposure to UV-B was associated with a reduced risk of rheumatoid arthritis," said Dr. Elizabeth Arkema, of the department of epidemiology at the Harvard School of Public Health.

Although this study is not a study of cause and effect, but from the results obtained, is expected to be a reference for other researchers to look at the benefits of sun exposure for prevention of rheumatoid arthritis.

Unhealthy Eating, Mood was worsening

Unhealthy diet was not only affects physical health, but also mental health. Bad mood suddenly become a threat.

Unhealthy eating behaviors that can cause you to have bad mood, especially in women. In one study, women who care about eating behavior reported so that their mood worsened after trying to eat unhealthy food on a regular basis, so that was launched Health24.

Unhealthy Eating, Mood was worsening

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Prevent Complications of disease, pre-diabetes should be Lifestyle Change

Approximately 70 million people in the United States are at risk of diabetes do not know they are in a health hazard. In many other countries, many people also do not realize that they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Many healthy lifestyle program that is currently being crowded published by health experts. Healthy lifestyle program aims to increase physical activity, diet repair, and achieve weight loss in those who are at risk of prediabetes, or a better strategy for preventing type 2 diabetes, as reported by FoxNews.

Prevent Complications of disease

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Pounding Heart Feels Trigger Death

Heart problems such as palpitations do you take for granted. The sensation of palpitations can cause your heart health indication of a more serious and can lead to death.

Palpitations is a condition in which the heart was very excited, even you feel a very strong pulsation felt in the chest, throat, or neck. Normally, the heart rate can reach 60 to 100 beats per minute, but people with palpitations, heart rate may experience higher than normal pulse, as reported by LIVESTRONG.

Pounding Heart Feels Trigger Death
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Broccoli Can Prevent Arthritis

Scientists at the University of East Anglia (UEA) has launched an innovative new project to investigate the benefits of broccoli in the fight against osteoarthritis. The results are good news for arthritis sufferers.

Early research in the laboratory of the UAE has found that a compound in broccoli called sulforaphane blocked the enzyme cause joint destruction in osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis itself is a form of arthritis is most common.

Broccoli Can Prevent Arthritis
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With funding from Arthritis Research UK and the Diet and Health Research Industry Club (DRINC), research projects explore how sulforaphane may act to slow or prevent the progression of osteoarthritis. Similarly, as quoted Health24

Sulforaphane is a bioactive compound found in vegetables, especially broccoli. Eating broccoli enhance sulforaphane in the blood, but scientists do not yet know whether the amount of sulforaphane into the joint enough to make it effective in preventing osteoarthritis. This is the one where the UAE team hope to find it, because osteoarthritis is a major cause of disability cases.

There is no effective treatment

Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease which gradually destroys the cartilage in the joints, especially the hands, feet, spine, hips, and knees elderly. To date, no effective treatment other than pain or recovery of joint replacement surgery.

Prof Ian Clark, of UEA's School of Biological Sciences, who led the study, said: "The UK has the aging population and developing new strategies for age-related diseases. Combating diseases such as osteoarthritis is vital to improving the quality of life of patients, but also to reduce the burden on the local economy. "

As part of a three-year project, the UEA team will also investigate the effects of other compounds in foods associated with osteoarthritis, including diallyl disulphide were found to be quite high in garlic.

Broccoli has previously been associated with reduced cancer risk, but this is the first time conducted a study of the effects of broccoli on joint health.

Retina Diabetes Often Occurs in Developing Countries

Loss of the ability to see would not expect anyone because it will certainly change the quality of one's life drastically. Along with the development and prosperity that occurred in Asian countries, also participated in a lifestyle change.

The increasing age of a person, the more people who suffer from diabetic retinopathy (a complication of diabetes on the retina), glaucoma and disorders of the central retina (macula), which can lead to impaired vision and even blindness.
Retina Diabetes Often Occurs in Developing Countries
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Dr Ian Yeo Yew San, ophthalmologists who served as a consultant at the Singapore National Eye Centre is incorporated in a healthy tourist services, FlyFreeForHealth, said, "Diabetes is a leading cause of blindness in the retina of the most common in grown, especially those working in developing countries."

As many as 80 percent of cases of blindness in humans should be avoided. Often times it is caused by complications of diabetes and other medical conditions. The longer affected by diabetes, the higher the possibility of getting damaged eye blood vessels.

"About 60 percent of patients had diabetes for 50 years or more will be damaged blood vessels in the eye, and one percent are at risk of blindness," Dr. Yeo.

According to the National Health Survey in 2004 in Singapore, 8.9 percent of men and 7.6 percent of women affected by diabetes. Rate of diabetes in India is the highest number, ie 15.3 percent, Malaysia 11 percent, and China 7.1 percent. These statistics would be a guide for other Asian countries.

"Successful Treatment for diabetic retinopathy depends on early detection and the type of treatment," concludes Dr Yeo.

Do not Let Baby Sitting Too Long

Do not leave infants less than one month in a sitting position for a long time. The reason, it can make them face the risk of increased infant mortality conditions suddenly.

Such a warning was conveyed Dr Arore Cote, one of the researchers from the McGill University Health Center in Montreal, Canada. Together with his colleagues, he reported that the mortality among infants in a sitting position accounted for three percent of all infant deaths they examined as part of his studies.

Do not Let Baby Sitting Too Long
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"Based on other studies that examined the level of oxygen in the blood of infants in a sitting position, to be compared with infants who were in bed, I would say an hour despite being the maximum time," said Cote told Reuters Health.

Cote's group conducted for 10 years, until December 2000, of all sudden deaths are unexplained between birth and age 1 year terhadi in the Province of Quebec, Canada.

Overall, 10 infants in the unexplained deaths and seven unexplained death group died while sitting in a car seat or other seating. When the researchers took into account age received 9.4 percent of the infants who died at less than 1 month of age were in a sitting position meningggal armpit. In contrast, only 2.4 percent of the infants at the age of 1 month were dying in a sitting position.

Quick Finesse Worms Kids Avoid

There are a number of worms that can live in the human body. This is usually caused from contaminated food.
"This worm is a type of worm thread which usually enters the body through food contaminated eggs, which then hatch in the intestine and develop into grown in 15 to 28 days," said Dr. Mirriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide".

Female worm then spawn more around the anus, which causes itching, especially at night. If the child scratching yourself, eggs can be easily embedded in the fingers and under the fingernails, as well as put his hand to his mouth, the child start the whole cycle again worms.

Quick Finesse Worms Kids Avoid
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"Worms thread length from two to 13 millimeters are not dangerous, but can cause unpleasant symptoms. Worm thread is very easy to infect and all family members should be treated simultaneously. Way to prevent it by making sure fruits and vegetables are going to be consumed were washed and for vegetables cooked enough even half done, "said Stoppard.

Here are the symptoms of worms:
- Itching around the anus, usually at night.

- White thread-like worms in dirt.

- Can not sleep due to severe itching.

Should consult a doctor? "See your doctor as soon as possible if you find worms in the dirt in white looks small, like yarn or if you just go to areas that are often affected by a worm or if your child seems unwell," he concluded.

Brain Food for Your Children

You want your child to get better grades in exams this time? Learning is not the only way it should focus on educating the child's brain.

Provide your child with the right brain food, because whatever you eat affects not only the body but also the brain.

Food brain improves memory and skills, so make your child more adept at memorizing or remembering things. Here are some examples of healthy intake that will help your child more intelligent, as reported by Boldsky.
Brain Food for Your Children
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Milk, yogurt, and other dairy products

Milk and other dairy products are a rich source of protein, potassium, calcium, and vitamin D. All the essential nutrients is a key resource for the development of the neuromuscular system, neurotransmitters, enzymes, and brain tissue. Children and adolescents in the age group who are in the growth stage requires these nutrients.

All kinds of fruit berries

You may refer to the strawberries, cherries, blueberries, and blackberries as Brainberries because they provide most of the essential nutrients for the brain. Berry fruits are rich sources of antioxidants and vitamin C which helps in reducing oxidative stress. Seeds from fruits berries are also a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids, one of the most important elements of the outer membrane of brain cells.

Eggs and beans

Choline, an important element for the development of memory stem cells can be found in eggs. Nuts also have a proportion of these substances will. Dietary Choline may increase the production of stem cells in the brain memory. It also minimizes fatigue and improving reaction. Nuts and seeds are a rich source of vitamin D.


Vitamin B and glucose found in wheat grains, such as oatmeal and brown rice is a healthy brain food for your child. Our body needs a regular supply of glucose supplied by grains. Vitamin B improves blood flow that our nervous system is one of the main factors in keeping all our organs are active, including the brain.


Fish with high levels of fats such as salmon is a rich source of omega-3 fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. It is important for brain development. Research shows that people who eat fish have a sharper memory than others.

Some other very good food for the brain is colored vegetables, such as tomatoes, spinach, carrots, green beans, pomegranate, and more. Include foods mentioned above in your children's diet and increase the memory of a growing child.

Noise Disturb Baby Brain Growth

Do not underestimate the quality of the child's bedroom. Therefore, parents should keep the baby's sleeping comfort that your body and brain grow and develop optimally.

During the baby sleep, blood flow to the brain also increased during this stage of sleep Rapid Eye Movement (REM) phase of sleep or active.

Noise Disturb Baby Brain Growth
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It plays an important role in the psychological health of the baby and infant brain activity, thus allowing optimal growth and development of the baby's brain.

To support the work processes of growth and development of the baby's brain, it's good as long as the baby does not get the sleep disorder, both disorders caused by leaking diapers comfort or due to a noisy environment sound. Because the noises can interfere with infant brain growth.

"The environment is too noisy on some of the research will lead to a focus thought disorder. Consequently, there should be no sound over 80 decibels as it may interfere with brain growth in the future," said dr. Rosalina Roeslani

How to Overcome Stomach Bloating in baby

Newborns have a health condition is not good. Babies often suffer from constipation, flatulence or dysentery because their digestive systems are still in infancy.

Then, when the child began experiencing abdominal bloating, you need to apply a few simple steps, as reported BoldSky.
How to Overcome Stomach Bloating in baby
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Gently pat the baby's back

After eating, you need to pat the baby's back gently as he picked her up. You can do this for one to two minutes until the baby burp. Bloating began to decrease when the baby burp.

Rub the baby's stomach
To overcome bloating, you need a tummy rub gently used baby oil body warmers. But before this is done, you have to put the baby first and then massaged her stomach gave a little pressure. This step can overcome abdominal bloating in children.

Give warm water

When the baby's stomach bloating, you need to give a little warm water to drink. You do not give hot water. In addition, you also need to use warm water to bathe the baby. This step is able to recover the baby's stomach bloating.

Be alert to the bottle-fed baby

You need to be vigilant with the bottle-fed baby, because formula milk can make some baby stomach bloated. You need to observe whether children stomach bloating after drinking milk formula? If yes, then you should avoid your child's milk formula.

Allowing your child to exercise

You need to let baby exercise. One of the sports that can be applied by holding his legs and then move it slowly. This step can improve bowel movement and ease the baby to get rid of gas.

Letting your child active

You can fill the time by getting your child to play. You need to involve the baby in fun activities to help him out of gas in the abdomen. Body movement growing baby are able to help out of gas through belching.

Risk Pregnancy Above 40 Years

Pregnant at age 40 years and over fairly vulnerable. However, if you are still determined to remain pregnant at that age, you have to plan health programs mature.

More recently, studies have shown that by maintaining a stable weight before pregnancy, to minimize the risks that could endanger the health of both the mother and the baby later.

"If you are in a healthy state, with more than 40 years of age and not obesity, the risk of pregnancy complications can be reduced. In a sense, the mother with a balanced weight have an increased risk of pregnancy complications are smaller than maternal obesity, "said researcher John R Barton, MD, who served as director of Maternal-Fetal at Central Baptist Hospital in Lexington, Ky., USA, as reported of
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John compared between pregnant women who are obese and who do not have a weight problem in the study did. Respondents included most women around 20 years old and the other aged 40 years and over. John mentioned, women who are obese at a young age no longer have health issues than those who were too old, but with an ideal body weight. The invention described John the annual meeting the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists in San Diego or associations of obstetrics and gynecology in San Diego, United States.

The birth rate for women aged younger today is experiencing a decline. In contrast, the number of deliveries made women aged over 40 years has increased. From 2008 to 2009, the average birth rate of women aged 40-44 years performed experiencing increasing by 3 percent to 10.1 births of 1,000 women. This figure is the highest number of reports ever since 1967, if you see the old lady. John looked at data collected from 53,000 women.

They are included in the educational program and the risk of pregnancy dikordibasi by Alere, a diagnostics and health management, between July 2006 and August 2011. Of the total, 1,231 of which is aged 40 years or older. With 228 of them in the obese category. The body mass index classified as overweight is 22 to 29.9, while the figure of 30 or greater, including obesity.

The women were lined respondents experiencing their first pregnancy and just expecting a baby alone. Women with a history of heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, and other chronic diseases are not included in this study. John then divided into four grup.Yakni young women aged 20-29 years with a body mass index of 35, women older age with the disease of obesity around the age of 41 years with a body mass index of 35, young women aged 20-29 years were not obese with an index body mass 23, and the last  women with a range of 41 years and a body mass index approaching 24.

John discovered the fact that, in women aged 40 years and over who have a history of obesity, most would have the baby before age 37 weeks. Well, this birth too early it will increase the health risks to the baby. Women aged over 40 years who are obese are also three times more likely to develop gestational diabetes, the high blood sugar may increase during pregnancy. More than 21 percent of women who are no longer young and suffer from obesity, have a disease problem. While only 7 percent of women of the same age but with stable weight, who develop gestational diabetes.

Nearly 9 percent of obese young women, suffer from the disease during pregnancy. While those who are younger and healthy weight, only 4 percent were exposed to gestational diabetes. Obese women both came from a young age and older, the risk of preeclampsia.

In order for the Small Diligent Toothbrush

Familiarize children diligently brushing is not easy. However, that does not mean the mothers give up. In order for children diligently brush your teeth, parents should encourage children brush their teeth in a fun way.

For example, taking children to brush teeth together. Encourage toddlers to brush your teeth at least every night before bed by brushing teeth together in front of the mirror. If he can not brush their teeth properly because of limited motor skills, then the mother can help menyikatkan again, after the child tried it myself.

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He cajoled by diverting attention if refused disikatkan again.

Create an atmosphere of fun. Toothbrush shaped attractive or ornate child's favorite characters make her happy. She shared with the involvement of his favorite character for him to brush his teeth in sufficient time, at least two minutes. When going to the dentist, and take the child.

Toddlers can see that the parents comfortable with the activities of dental care and dental care room used to smell, to become acquainted with the operator, and the sound of dental equipment that become more cooperative when taken care of the teeth themselves.

Alert, Constipation Causes Disease Laparospic

appendicitis is no stranger heard. Many people have the disease detected starting from abdominal pain to constipation. So, whether the cause is indicated as a person eating too much chili? Find out more caused by the following review.

As the name implies, the appendix is ​​part bersaluran short bowel and appendix. His position was sticking out of the meeting intestine and colon. In medical language, called the appendix. The function of the appendix as an immunologic organ that actively participates in the production of immunoglobulin (an immune system).

Appendicitis occurs when the appendix is ​​blocked partially or completely, and bacteria that accumulate in them cause infection.
Alert, Constipation Causes Disease Laparospic
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There are many factors that cause blockage of the appendix, including a pile of feces or stool hard, enlargement of lymphoid tissues, intestinal worms, parasites, foreign bodies in the body, 'primary cancer' and stricture.

Eating chili with seeds or guava often with undigested seeds in the feces and slipped into the channel as foreign appendix. Similarly, the so-called hardening of stools or constipation for a long time which could potentially leave the appendices tucked into the channel. In the end, the part that is tucked into a nest and a breeding ground for bacteria which can cause infection which then causes inflammation of the appendix.

In addition, a person who has the disease worms (worms), if the worms are breeding in the large intestine strayed into the appendix, is also a potential cause of appendicitis.

"When there is a blockage, the appendix gets inflamed and swollen that need to be removed surgically. Apandektomi an emergency surgery commonly performed in children. However, appendicitis is rare in infants younger than 12 months," said Dr. Mirriam Stoppard, in his book "Family Health Guide".

Even though it looks scary, you do not need to worry because of appendicitis is not a dangerous disease if treated as soon as possible.

"If diagnosed early, appendicitis is not a serious problem. However, if treatment is delayed for any reason, an accumulation of pus in the appendix can lead to clogged part broke. Condition known as peritonitis and require immediate treatment," said Stoppard .

To that end, recognizing the symptoms of appendicitis preventive measures that need to be done. These symptoms of appendicitis to watch and addressed:

- Abdominal pain, starting from the area around the belly button, then moving down to the lower right abdomen.

- Temperature slightly elevated, rarely exceed 38 degrees Celsius.

- Appetite lost.

- Vomiting, diarrhea, or constipation.

"If you suspect child stricken with appendicitis, see a doctor as soon as possible. If the appendix ruptured, any delay can cause the infection to spread to all parts of the intestine," urge Stoppard.

Post-surgery, continued Stoppard, give support to the child to rest and eat normally when they get home from the hospital. Children should recover after two or three weeks after surgery.

This is Sports Easy & Fun for Kids

Not only grown, even children will love the sport if you feel fun while doing it. Here it is some kind of exercise that you can introduce the baby to be increasingly active, healthy, and fit.

Exercise is very beneficial to children's health, both for growth and physical development, as well as his brain. However, if not socialized early on, the benefits of exercise can not be obtained because they do not like children. In fact, exercise can make coordination of the brain work better, so that children easily absorb the information or knowledge given.

Playing while you exercise is the key to training children like different types of exercise. Child chose a simple game, but fun as some kind of exercise below, as reported by Boldsky.
This is Sports Easy & Fun for Kids
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Playing hanging
Children love to play in a metal horizontal hanging colorful play areas normally available in school. Together with his friends, they love to compete to be the longest hung his body on the iron.

If you see the baby likes to do this, do not ever forbid. Because the event is actually a version of the child and weight training is useful to establish the arm and shoulder muscles strong.

Moderate exercise
Accompany your child to do moderate exercise and simple. You can guide it to follow the movement and spread his legs to the side as much as possible, then pull the two hands up. Swing to the right and to the left alternately as far as you can without moving your feet. This exercise is excellent for increasing flexibility and reducing the strain on his back due to carrying all the heavy books in his bag.

Jump rope
With a skipping rope introduced at an early age, you give your child a big favor What is it? Yes, is not only fun, doing skipping or jumping rope is an exercise all the muscles that move the body and help increase the level of concentration in the brain.

Running in place
Get used to put music eagerly when to wake your child out of bed and demonstrated how you eager to run relaxed place. Do not forget to stretch first so as not to shock the muscles. Starting your day with a run in place for at least five minutes can provide benefits to you and your children, which is an energetic and productive day.

Most of us are familiar with playing hopscotch or hop scotch. This game requires the player to jump with one leg on a few numbers drawn on the ground.

The game is to train children to think sharply and more quickly because they have to decide what number he'll jump. This game was trained dexterity of children, and social skills training to be better because of playing with his friends.

Of all types of games that kids who need a lot of physical movement, physical exercise is useful for the baby. If done regularly and continuously strengthens the heart.

Sport since small make smart brain child

For those of you who are lazy to exercise, do not let your baby feel the same way. Children who used to work as a child would have a fit body and a sharp mind.

Most parents today still underestimate the importance of exercise. Crowded into the daily grind of the most common reasons for not exercising. In fact, most people already know what are the benefits of exercise.

So that your child does not have the same unhealthy habits, get used early to exercise. Sports such as basketball, swimming, tennis, cycling, running, jumping rope, and the other types of exercise should be introduced to children as early as possible.

According to a study conducted and reported by Science Daily Boldsky, there is a correlation between physical fitness and the brain in children aged nine to 10 years.

Sport since small make smart brain child
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Children who had been accustomed to exercising since an early age, at the age has the hippocampus (the main component of the brain) is larger and can perform better in tests of memory testing when compared with their peers who do not like exercise.

Sport has an important role in the growth and development of children. Exercise also has the benefit of a child's motor stimulation, such as jump rope or rope climbing.

Not only that, exercise helps increase the functional development of the child all the senses. Because when you exercise, children can be trained to understand commands, rules, cooperation, seek solutions, and achieve goals. Overall, the exercise function in the development of mind and body beloved baby.

How Child Brain Stimulation in Gynecology

Since the fetus, the brain is already starting to grow and develop. Stimulation was already needs to be given. Confused how?

Stimulate a baby's brain can be done since the age of 18-20 weeks of gestation. This is because at these times occur progress fetal nerve cells are strong, then do not delay Moms stimulation.

How Child Brain Stimulation in Gynecology
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"Stimulation of the fetus in the womb carried by getting talked, talked, sang songs, recited prayers, religious songs, stroking the mother's abdomen. Can also play the song on the radio with cassette taped to the mother's womb," said Dr.. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in a seminar titled Nutrition and Stimulation for Children Intelligence JIExpo, Jakarta, a few days ago.

Furthermore, Soedjatmiko suggested that mothers strive for a given stimulation brings positive energy, do not comment on things less well, avoid fast anxious because later will affect the baby after birth.

"Stimulation should be done every day, every moment she can interact with her ​​fetus. Example, while bathing, cooking, washing clothes, gardening, reading newspapers or magazines, watching television, in the office, on the market, anywhere to do stimulation. Moms too should not be stressed because the fetus can be felt and not good for the growth and development of the brain, "he concluded.

Turn Right & Left Brain Functions Make Smart Kids

Left and right brain have different functions. Watch this to find out how to optimize brain function for both intelligence.

The left brain primarily controls the activity of which is organized, sequential, detailed, systematic and mathematically. The right brain controls the activity of which is divergent thinking (extended), imagination, ideas, kretivitas, emotion, music, spirituality, intuition, abstract, free, and simultaneous.

In addition to nutrition, stimulation plays an important role in maximizing the intelligence of children.

Make Smart Kids
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Stimulation is needed for the relationship between cells of the brain nerves (synapse) can develop.

"It is important to remember that the synapse will disappear spontaneously when not in use. Having said that, if we want a child with multiple intelligences to do stimulation (stimulation) early on in the womb until the age of three years continuously, every day, full of love, full excitement varied and regular, as well as stimulating the left and right brain together, "said Dr. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in a seminar entitled Nutrition and Stimulation for Children Intelligence JIExpo, Jakarta, recently.

There are many things that parents can do to provide stimulation in children, ranging from giving a smile, a kiss, play, to give a special massage to stimulate motor nerves, improve sleep patterns, aid digestion, and muscles healthy baby.

"As long as no harm, avoid banning children younger than three years of doing something. When children are too often banned by the parents, the child's creativity can not develop properly," he concluded.

Child Brain Growing to 3 Years

Golden age of children's brain development begins in the womb until the child reaches the age of three years. What are occurring in the child's brain at that time?

Golden years is a period in which the brain has amazing growth and development. At this time, the brain nerve cells growing toddlers.

"The growth of brain cells branching fastest since six months of pregnancy until the child is three years old. Fetal brain cells have grown and evolved since the first month in the womb, then divide rapidly reach 100 billion cells while developing appropriate places and functions respectively, "said Dr. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in a seminar entitled Nutrition and Stimulation for Children Intelligence JIExpo, Jakarta, recently.

Child Brain Growing to 3 Years
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Soedjatmiko explained, since six months of pregnancy, these cells form many synapses (the relationship between brain cells) to form various functional circuits (circuits) are complex, like a series of advanced computer microchips.

"The quality of the brain's circuitry depends on the quality of nutrition and stimulation (stimulation) were obtained from the womb to the age of the first three years. Process was going very fast and complex until the age of three years, after which it slowed at school age and adolescence," he explained.

Therefore, nutrition and early stimulation is very important, especially in the womb until the age of three years.

"The early, frequent, varied, and regular stimulation received infant-toddler (since pregnant six months to three years old), the more sophisticated and robust relationship between synaptic brain cells right and left," he concluded.

Set Balanced Nutrition for Pregnant Women

Fulfillment proper nutrition during pregnancy may affect the baby's development. Therefore, pregnant women should be taking some of this nutrient.

Here is presented dr. Lany Goddess Wijono, M. Nutrition, SpGK Premier Jatinegara Hospital.

Folic Acid

Useful in cell division, prevent anemia and reduce the risk of neural tube deffects (NTD). Needs recommended folic acid is 600 mcg per day.

Typically, pregnant women will receive 400 mcg of folic acid supplementation per day.

Set Balanced Nutrition for Pregnant Women
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Then, other sources of folic acid can be obtained from foods such as chicken and beef liver, eggs, asparagus, broccoli, beans, kale, and orange.

If pregnant women folic acid deficiency is causing the closure of the spinal marrow or cleft spine (spina bifida), including congenital defect that occurs in the spinal canal and backbone result of not being closed before birth (myelomeningocele).


Function for the formation of red blood cells, red blood cells forming materials, and optimize muscle function. Generally, pregnant women need iron as much as 27 mg per day. However, the second and third trimester, pregnant women are usually given an iron supplement of 30 mg per day. For pregnant women with iron deficiency will cause anemia.


Its function is to prevent premature infants, congenital abnormalities, abnormal brain development that, to prevent fetal organ growth disorders, so that normal brain development, immune fetus, fetal growth process.

Iron needs this as much as 11-13 mg per day. In pregnancy, zinc plays a role in the formation of ribonucleic acid (RNA) and Nucleic Acid Dioksiribosa (DNA) fetuses.


Required for the growth of fetal bones and teeth, as well as to protect pregnant women from osteoporosis. Pregnant women need calcium between 1000 to 1300 mg. Supplementation in pregnant women is needed if not consume milk or milk products.

Vitamin D

Useful for bone disorders and help prevent the absorption of calcium. Pregnant women must take vitamin D per day total of 5 mcg (200 IU). When deficiency of vitamin D during pregnancy, it can cause tooth enamel developmental disorders and calcium deficiencies in the fetus.

Relieve Pain At Finesse Baby Teething

Teething symptoms in infants is not harmful, but it will make the baby feel uncomfortable. Perform these ways to make it more comfortable.

When teething, the baby will be more sensitive, such as easily disturbed, more spoiled, and cranky. To calm him down, there are tips that can be applied Moms.

Following exposure to Dr. Mirriam Stoppard, health experts in his book "Family Health Guide".

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- Hugs and carrying baby as often as possible. Babies who are teething need to feel loved. Teething does not mean that babies need to quickly weaned. Babies can still be fed toothed without causing discomfort to the teeth.

- Divert the attention of children with special toys to bite the cooled (but not frozen, because the child may develop frostbite) or a carrot, whatever the texture firm. Do not leave him with food worries choking.

- Do not rush to give him paracetamol. During the teething process, such a dose of pain reliever may be too big for him. Just use the appropriate pain reliever medical advice.

- Rub the swollen gums with your finger. Try to avoid the teething gel containing a local anesthetic, because the effect is only temporary and sometimes cause allergies.

- If the child refuses food, persuade him to want to eat by providing cold and soft foods, such as yogurt, ice cream, or jelly.

Recognize It, How Popular Myth Five Caring for baby

Many mothers are stuck in a misleading myth while caring for a baby. So you do not belong in it, recognize the popular myths below.

Myths are largely derived from the traditions and rituals of the community is much used as a guide, not to mention health information about caring for a baby. Although occasionally have a point, you need to remain vigilant to understand. Make sure your baby's care in ways appropriate and not based on the myth that is misleading.
Popular Myth Five Caring for baby
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To make sure that you take care of the newborn in the right way, you need to dispel some myths about baby care. Here are five myths that you should know to be true, as reported by Boldsky.

Myth 1: "It should give milk to the baby during the first three days'

The statement is clearly wrong and even dangerous. For the first three days after delivery, Mom milk secrete a yellowish fluid called colostrum. In some cultures, you are forbidden to feed the baby while you remove the colostrum. But actually, this would make a baby lose important nutrients. Because the mother's colostrum can provide immunity to the baby's body.

Myth 2: "The baby's eyes change color, the sign was wrong"

Information correct the cornea newborns is not fully developed. Your baby's eye color will change gradually when the cornea developed. By the time the baby is six months old, eye color will reach its original color.

Myth 3: "Oil massage is needed for newborns"

For information, the oil glands newborns has not been fully developed. So, all you jerky oil into his body will be wasted. In fact, these myths can cause acne on your baby's skin because the oil is not absorbed by the skin cells.

Myth 4: "Exposing the baby in the sun is good for the bones"

This time it is true. Because sunlight is the best source of vitamin D. But you need to know is the best for the baby to sunlight. For the sun in a tropical country does more harm. For that, make sure you hang out in the sun before nine o'clock in the morning. You can do it in seven to eight o'clock in the morning. Remember, do not leave them too long. Jemurlah approximately 15 minutes and does not need to be done every day.

Myth 5: "Too much crying can make the baby sick"

The correct information is, the benefits of a baby crying can actually make the heart grow stronger. When the baby opens his mouth wide and wept, they actually use their lungs to the fullest. So, crying confer benefits on health. Therefore, do not rush to panic when he starts whining. Crying can also improve the clarity of the sound of a newborn

Baby Signs Normal Birth

Normal birth baby is the dream of every parent. To ensure normal birth or not, you can see from these signs.

Said to be normal if the baby was born healthy physically and mentally. Generally, the baby looks perfect in the weeks after birth. At birth, her face still round with skin color tends to red.

But, you need to check vital signs to make sure that the baby was born normal or not. Here is a guide, as reported by Boldsky.
Baby Signs Normal Birth
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The first thing to do after the baby is born from the womb of his mother was crying. When crying, the baby's heart pumping automatically.

If a newborn does not cry in shock, the doctor will hit fine ass baby that made her cry.

10 fingers and toes

A tradition that has been carried out to ensure the fingers on the hands and feet of each 10. It is a ritual to ensure that the baby does not have a physical disability.

Eyeball moves

Cornea newborns is not fully developed and it's common for them to keep their eyes closed. However, the eyes should be open in a few days. When the baby opens his eyes, try to control attention by moving a finger or a toy to see if the eyes move in response to stimuli.

Being able to hear

Initially difficult to predict whether your baby heard correctly or not. But, you can

Ideal Weight

It is normal for babies lose weight after birth. However, it is no more than 10 percent of the total weight.

Love to suckle

Hungry baby is a healthy baby. If your baby is very keen to breastfeed, it showed he was hungry. A baby fed with drinking milk while asleep is also a natural thing. This shows that babies desperately need energy.

Features a baby face

Most were born of normal birth have elongated heads, but it will change in a few weeks.
You also need to check other abnormalities in facial features, such as a crooked nose or mouth droop which are symptoms of Down syndrome.

When to the Doctor When Baby Teething?

Generally, teething symptoms in children tends to normal and not dangerous. However, there are some symptoms that should be checked by a doctor.

In the book titled "Family Health Guide", Dr. Mirriam Stoppard says that grows teeth and accompanying symptoms were never serious.

If symptoms are experienced by the child is still in the list of symptoms tends to normal, then you do not need to consult a doctor, unless your child's symptoms and not because of teething.

When to the Doctor When Baby Teething?
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"The doctor will give advice on how to handle the symptoms of teething and may prescribe a mild analgesic to relieve the pain," he said.

According to him, teething symptoms to note not include bronchitis, diaper rash, vomiting, diarrhea, or loss of appetite.

"If your baby is experiencing, it could be a symptom of another disease, not teething," says Stoppard.

Here are the common symptoms experienced when the baby starts to grow teeth:

- Increases saliva and dripping.

- Want biting hard objects.

- Easily distracted and getting spoiled.

- It's hard to sleep.

- Red swollen area on the teeth begin to appear.

8 Ways Babies Bathing correct

The birth of the first child is always awaited by every mother. Knowledge bathing newborns can dig deeper so you soon become accustomed.

Special preparation is necessary welcomes baby mothers do. Not just mental preparation, but also the knowledge to care for the child.

Bathing a newborn baby is often considered to be a scary thing for the mothers. Because the babies are tiny and hard to become slippery when washed.

8 Ways Babies Bathing correct
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Here are the best steps to bathe newborns, as reported by Boldsky.
Use a soft cloth

The first week or two, you can choose to clean baby with a soft cloth damped in warm water. Once used, you can bathe your baby more easily with warm water.

Use warm water

You should always use warm water when bathing the baby. In addition to killing germs, warm water provides comfort for your child.

Use special baby soap

Use a gentle baby soap. Because newborns have very sensitive skin. In addition, you can dissolve in warm water antiseptic used to bathe the baby.

Do not bathe your baby every day

Your baby does not need a bath every day. During the summer, your baby can be washed four to five times a week.

Clean the umbilical cord

Do not believe the myth that cleaning the baby's umbilical cord will cause infection. You should always keep clean the umbilical cord clean.

Always hold the baby's head and neck while bathing

When bathing the baby, make sure you always hold the back of the neck and back.
Because, all newborns have a head that is easily shaken.

Teach baby slowly enjoy the water in the tub

Lower baby into the bath (bath tub a little baby not you use), first leg. Let your baby feel comfortable in the water. Soak and clean the baby up to the neck with one hand while your other hand supporting the back.

Prepare a clean towel and warm

Prepare a clean towel to wrap the baby's body. In addition, be sure you bathe the baby are also covered, clean, and warm.

Nausea & Vomiting While Young Pregnant? this is the solution

Nausea and vomiting be symptoms that interfere in the morning. Ceramic with the following trick that interference is no longer hinder your day.

Nausea and vomiting in the morning when pregnant aka morning sickness is certainly uncomfortable. Morning sickness caused by the increased number of estrogen and progesterone produced by the ovaries in early pregnancy.

Rising levels of hormones causes secretory cells in the stomach which can increase stomach acid. At the same time, intestine slowing its ability to empty the bowels. This is what causes nausea and vomiting.

Young Pregnant
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Symptoms of morning sickness can occur not only in the morning, but also a full day. Typically, symptoms are experienced by pregnant women in the first trimester of pregnancy, but there is also the experience for the full nine months. To minimize nausea and vomiting, the following tips that help you reduce morning sickness during pregnancy, as reported by Babble.

- Eat bread or crackers before getting out of bed

- Get up out of bed slowly

- Consumption of yogurt, cottage cheese, juice or milk before you sleep or wake

- Diligent eating and snacking. Do not let your stomach remain empty for too long.

- Eating sweets herbs like mint or ginger

- Massage to help relieve nausea and vomiting

- Drinking water ginger

- Avoid eating greasy or fried foods because it is difficult to digest

- Avoid spicy and sharp spicy

- Drinking carbonated beverages when you're feeling sick

- Breathe in the fresh air. Open the windows and door of the house, walk around, use exhaust fans or take a deep breath

- Drink water 30-45 minutes after eating solid food

- Sniff the aroma of fresh, like a lemon.

Napping Make Kids Smart and High Growth

Sleeping during the day, not only relieve fatigue in children. But it can also prevent the inhibition of the growth of the child.
"People need eight hours of sleep a day. Children should be longer. However, unfortunately not all children are accustomed to family nap like children bygone era," said Dr Handrawan Nadesul, in his book Raising Baby Kids So Smart.

In his book, poetry lovers doctor explains that the benefits of napping happenings unfold in America. National study on the benefits of napping appeared in Washington DC. Three-fifths of Americans do not take a nap, and productivity of work is not as good as the people who take a nap.

Napping Make Kids Smart
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Do not nap too slow the process works. The same survey also found benefit significantly nap. Including studies at Harvard University Medical School, that really needed a nap. "After over one year of age children begin to be more active and bedtime began to decline. Having children can begin to actively running, more difficult to take him sleeping, but they still need more. Pace of growth of the child's body were accustomed nap more optimal than children who do not sleep afternoon "said the doctor Nadesul.

More male born in 1948, explained that for a nap or a growth hormone called human-growth hormone (h-Gh) more flooding in the blood. "This hormone that stimulates the growth of the child's body. Then, children who are accustomed to more rapid growth nap or higher, compared to children who do not nap," he said.

Growth hormone that has been blessed since the child was born is produced by the brain. Working closely with the hormonal systems of the body, especially the thyroid hormones, hormones child kidneys, bones, and muscles rapidly growing child. Growth hormone function gradually decreases with increasing age of the child, and stopped upon reaching the age of puberty. Thus, children are not getting taller anymore after the age of 20 years, when sex hormones become active. At that end of the long bones have closed so it does not grow long again.

"So it would be wise when giving children the opportunity to grow more optimally with a simple and inexpensive way. Nothing more practical option than him berkebiasaan nap. Naps have become a habit for the whole family," imbaunya.

Do not need a long nap. Quite a one-two hours sleep soundly origin. "It's not the amount of sleep that determine the quality of sleep, but rather whether a deep sleep. Sleep an hour and more quality than sleep soundly for over an hour, but not asleep," he concluded.

Tips For Kids Napping

Get children to sleep during the day has great benefits for the growth and development of the baby. But it was not easy for a child to enter the room and take a nap.
Do not worry Mom, because some tricks so that they can be persuaded to take a nap. Here's how:

The urge kids to not want to stop playing one of the causes of child becomes difficult to take a nap. His heart is still motivated to continue playing throughout the day. The temptation to play children of today is much larger and more diverse that agenda nap unattractive to them. A parent's job is to conquer these difficulties for the sake of the baby.

Napping beneficial for growing children. Both physical growth so that the child can grow optimally, and optimization of brain development make children achieve optimal intelligence.

Tips For Kids Napping
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"Of course there is difference between a child who used to sleep during childhood than children who are not accustomed to napping. Nap than sufficient for sleep according to age, it is also a time of growth. Organ of the growing brain during sleep time, the increase also development of intelligence," said Dr Handrawan Nadesul, in his book "Raising Baby So Smart Kids".

Furthermore Nadesul Doctors say that napping habits already have formed since early infancy. How to apply discipline invite children to take a nap. "At a fixed hour nap time, children are invited into the room, and the atmosphere of the house was built was conducive to sleep," he added.

Initially may not be easy, but if the habit of napping has been formed, then the child is not hard to get a nap. Even then the child is asked nap. It is important to remember the benefits, can better optimize growth.

"To make it easier to bring the child fell nap, let the more physically active during the morning. Increasingly tired of her playing all morning. Increasingly tired of his play throughout the day, the easier it is invited to sleep in the afternoon," he advised.

Napping himself did not take long. Quite a one-two hours sleep soundly origin. "It's not the amount of sleep that determines the quality of sleep, but rather whether a deep sleep. Sleep an hour and more quality than sleep soundly for over an hour, but not asleep," he said.

Tips Overcome Selective Mutism

Do not expect you can deal with yourself! Selective mutism require cooperation and an enabling environment constantly between the mother and the family as well as psychologists to indefinite or dependent conditions that support it.

Here are the steps to overcome selective mutism as told Rosdiana Setyaningrum MPsi MHPEd of Heartsprings Therapy Center.

Selective Mutism
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- Seeking help professional psychologists.

- Environment that he felt anxious to be changed together.

- Customize young age with heavy duties and responsibilities equivalent age.

- Avoid demanded more of its capacity and age as the demands of learning, grades in school, tutoring a lot. mother and father claimed to be wise to the child.

Knowing the 'Million' Benefits of Colostrum

Although the word "million" impressed hyperbole, but colostrum has long been known to have many benefits. Well, how important is colostrum for the newborn?

Colostrum is the first milk produced after birth and contains many immunoglobulin, antimicrobial chain (lactoferrin and lactoperoxidase) and other bioactive molecules including growth factors.

"To simply characterize colostrum is colostrum liquids such as milk, thick and yellow colored. Usually colostrum is produced at a late stage of pregnancy that already exists immediately after delivery until the 7th day of birth, "go to dr. Johannes Ridwan T. Sugiarto, SpA, DPPS.

Benefits of Colostrum
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Unfortunately, there are many mothers who do not know and understand how the actual formation of colostrum. As a result he did not immediately give colostrum to the baby.

Colostrum Functions

Doctor Johannes said even if the mother is do not give milk to babies, colostrum will remain excluded. As with milk, colostrum is a source of complete nutrition and quality, among others:

- Colostrum is rich in active cell immunity (immunity) of the body, antibodies and other protective proteins. So colostrum provide 'first immunization', protects against many infections. And it certainly helps regulate the development of the infant immune system.

- Substance immunity is the main immunoglobulin can prevent and fight bacteria, viruses, fungi and toxins. Immunoglobulin (IgA) serves as a protective area that is susceptible to bacterial lining of the lungs, intestines and throat. IgA is also beneficial to patch holes in the baby's intestines are not fully formed.

- It contains white blood cells (leukocytes) in large numbers to fight bacteria and viruses.

- Protecting babies from diarrhea because colostrum contains antibodies 10-17 times more than mature milk (mature).

- Colostrum also serves as a complete essential nutrients for the baby.

- Colostrum contains growth factors that help mature the baby's digestive tract to function effectively. So that germs and allergies substances difficult to get into the baby's body.

- Colostrum contains digestive enzymes produced by the body that can not afford a baby, such as protease (to degrade proteins), lipase (for fat outline), and amylase (for carbohydrates decompose). So make colostrum easily digested by the baby's digestive system is not perfect.

- Colostrum stimulates the baby's bowel movements to occur so that meconium (baby's stools are black) are quickly excreted from the bowel. It can overcome the problem of substance in the body that cause yellow baby (bilirubin) or can reduce the excess bilirubin. Excess bilirubin due to the incomplete mechanism of setting the number of red blood cells in the baby's body.

- Colostrum is rich in vitamins A and E that help protect your eyes and reduce infection. In addition, colostrum also contains vitamin B6, B12, C, D and K, and minerals, especially iron and calcium.

- Colostrum also contains some substances such high amounts of sodium, potassium and cholesterol. The combination of these powerful substances for the development of the heart, brain and central nervous system of the baby.

Worth a Look!

- Give colostrum as much and as early as possible or as soon as possible on the first day the baby is born, because it is very beneficial to the baby.

- Do not be surprised if the colostrum that out the first time the amount is very little. This is reasonable because it adapted to the needs of the baby at birth.

- Colostrum provides benefits that are not immediately visible, but essential to the continuation of the baby's life.

- Several studies have shown that administration of colostrum appears when children grew, which grew stronger physically and healthy not only in the early years but throughout manhood. Moreover, it also reduces the chances of contracting gastrointestinal and respiratory diseases, such as asthma.

Early Detection to prevent of ovarian cancer

As members of the body, the ovary as the egg-producing organs were not safe from attack cancer. The danger, of cancer of the ovary is not accompanied by symptoms until the cancer has moved to an advanced stage.

Ovarian cancer is a malignant tumor that can occur in one or both ovaries. It usually occurs in women after menopause, but sometimes in younger women.

Including hard to detect ovarian cancer. Because new symptoms arise after the cancer was already in advanced.

"Ovarian cancer usually does not cause symptoms until they reach the advanced level. Currently, cancer is very difficult to treat effectively. Ovarian cancer is usually quite aggressive and can spread quite rapidly in its development," said Dr Mirriam Stoppard in his book "Family Health Guide".

ovarian cancer
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Nevertheless, there are some common symptoms that can be suspected to be checked by a doctor.

"Abdominal pain, abdominal swelling, a hard lump in the abdomen. If a tumor measuring rice, pressure on the bladder can cause frequent urination, shortness of breath sometimes if a tumor pressing on the diaphragm," says Stoppard.

The exact cause of ovarian cancer incidence has not been confirmed with certainty. But even this cancer is genetic.

"There are various theories about the causes of ovarian cancer. Cancer is more common in older women and women who have not had children. More rarely found in women who had used oral contraceptives for several years, and women who get menstruation and late menopause more beginning, "said Stoppard.

"Some families carry genes called BRCA1 that increase the likelihood of ovarian cancer," he added.
If you have a family history of ovarian cancer or breast cancer, tell your doctor immediately. 

The surgeon will try to lift the whole tumor and local spread. The extent of surgery depends on the type of tumor was found.
So, what hope is there for pengidam ovarian cancer?

"Hope the long run depends on the stage of the cancer and malignant cell types in the ovary, but this figure is not conclusive. If the cancer is confined to the ovary, 60 to 70 percent of women have a life expectancy of only five years by 10 to 20 percent," close Stoppard .

Child Too Skinny? Mother Do It

mother complained that the child was not healthy and less weight. Not just for the overweight, too skinny body also needs proper diet in order to add weight.

If you want to know how your child can gain weight, here are some guidelines to help children who were underweight you look healthy and fit, as reported by Boldsky.

child too skinny
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Consult a physician

Sometimes children can be allergic to certain foods or dairy. Food allergies can make it difficult for the body to absorb nutrients and protein. Later, the doctor may suggest what foods are healthy for your child.

Include green vegetables

Vegetables are rich in nutrients, protein, and minerals that enhance the growth of the body and keep the kids stay healthy and fit. Green vegetables contain vitamins that keep eyes healthy and improve concentration.

Iron-rich foods

Some children have less appetite so as to make them lose weight and look skinny. Children with poor appetite can be due to lack of iron.

Include iron-rich foods such as lamb, sesame seeds, peanuts, spinach, mushrooms, asparagus, and milk in children's diets to gain weight.

Fruits and nuts

Fruits and nuts are mandatory menu in children's diets. Fruit can improve nutritional intake in children. Grapes, apples, bananas, oranges, and watermelon are some healthy fruits that much-loved children. Give your child his favorite fruit more spirit.

Nuts such as almonds, pistachios, peanuts, cashew nuts are rich in good cholesterol and calories are also able to assist in getting the growth and weight of children.

The thing to remember Moms, always include healthy foods in the diet of children in a healthy way. Reduce intake of foods containing artificial sweeteners to control appetite.

Probiotics Important for Pregnant

If during the term probiotic known only as facilitating digestion. It turned out better than that, probiotics in the body has an important role for maternal health and infant pregnant.

Probiotics are good bacteria in the body can contribute to enhance the body's immunity, thereby minimizing the possibility of the body to infection or germs. A mother who has a large number of probiotics in the body will have a level of personal hygiene is better than mothers who did not. In addition, mother milk is also useful for the baby to feed him later in order to avoid various diseases such as allergies, diarrhea, asthma as well.

Probiotics Important for Pregnant
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"Nutrition during pregnancy play a role during the formation of the fetus, also play a role in the composition of mom milk. milk also contains probiotics-good bacteria. So mothers who have large amounts of probiotics in the body works well to prevent themselves from diseases that harm herself and the fetus. Likewise with milk is produced, "said Erika Isolauri MD D Med Sci, pediatricians who are experts in the field of digestive and allergy at the University of Turku, Finland, in educating the media organized by Nestle Nutrition Institute with the theme of" Probiotics Important During Pregnancy  "at the Hotel Sari Pan Pacific.

Probiotic bacteria that are present in the human body. However, the amount of probiotics in the body much reduced, one due to the intake-intake unhealthy.

Too overprotective inhibitory motoric complexity child

Being overprotective was able to slow the motor development of children. If you're the type that many parents worried about children, good parenting such change.

By reason of affection and fear of having a baby is a dangerous thing, then many parents forbid children, especially those being explored in its infancy intelligence. For instance, when children begin to be able to run, let them run as much. You can maintain security by taking him to the playground and grass field no pain when dropped.

Conversely, do not let your kids keep being held, simply for fear of falling and hit the dirt. In addition to not educate, it can make the child slowed sensory and motor does not develop properly.

motoric complexity child
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Consequently if the sensory motor does not develop properly, then mapping the brain will not be optimal and difficult to develop to the next stage.

"If the motor is not good, then the balance is not good. If the balance is not good, it might function fine motor skills are not well developed, one of them writing so ugly, it is all about," said the soul of the child specialist, Dr Tjhien Wiguna in educating the media about the benefits of isomaltulosa, Hotel Pullman.

That parents do not regret later, doctors Thjien reminded parents to let their children especially are growing exploration.

"The development of children's intelligence does not grow on its own, but running concurrently and deals. So, let the children explore it's very important. Let him play, let him roam the neighborhood, but of course there are limits. If the danger, yes baseball may be, if it's worth doing and can help the development of children's brains why not, "he explained.

Thjin doctor explained that the sensor motor (physical) has two categories, fine motor and gross motor skills.

"If it is related to gross motor gestures such as run, jump, and so forth. Therefore, children should be given the opportunity to explore. If fine motor skills by writing, coloring, and so on. Since preschool age children is also very well been taught holding tools write. Allow him doodle, color study. was not just to write a good, but stimulates their fine motor sensors, "he said.

This Food Fit for Children Diabetes

Children with diabetes often do not have much choice of food for eating. Parents are also confused and worried if they buy a variety of foods.

But the doctors say that a diabetic diet does not need to be too tight. Learn what are the best foods that can be given to children.

Pay attention to what the doctor says and follow the prompts to discipline, can help your child to be able to eat and enjoy food like other children. A proper meal planning is a much needed children with diabetes.

Here are five of the best food for children with diabetes, as reported by Boldsky.

This Food Fit for Children Diabetes
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If the doctors allow your child to consume carbohydrates, then the carbs in some menus, for example in the afternoon and evening. Replace the rice and give it a free starch sugar content but rich in protein.

Children who take insulin or other diabetes medications should monitor the level of carbohydrates in their bodies.

Fruits & vegetables

Melons, apples, bananas, oranges, grapes, tomatoes, various berry fruits, and pear fruit can be used as a safe option for children with diabetes. Low-fat yogurt also can be selected to increase their energy.


Fried seafood is not a healthy choice. Although most seafood contains good fats, they still need to be cooked in the right way.

Grilled fish with lemon on nonstick pan to prevent oil. Add vegetable stew that adds delicacy.


Lean meats are the best for children with diabetes. Replace ground turkey instead of beef relatively little fat. Boneless chicken without the skin with a combination of vegetables and sauces can be colorful and filling for your child.


The best way to still get the benefits of fat is to choose foods low in fat yield. Choose cheese, yogurt, ice cream, and smoothies are low in fat. Skim milk and ice cream can still be enjoyed occasionally. So, make ice cream without sugar that children be protected away from unhealthy foods.

when children fever do not give milk

Fever in children are very common. When the fever, the child's appetite weakened immunity while they have improved. How tricks?

Children tend to lose their appetite fever, since taste in the mouth caused by the drugs consumed. Here are some ideas for meals when you give kids fever, as quoted Boldsky.

children fever
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A bowl of oatmeal provides all the nutritional needs of children and is a healthy source of carbohydrates. Wheat can be a delicious snack if Mom ingenious cook. You can cook oatmeal with strawberry juice juice or corn that has been blended in order to give more oatmeal tastes.

Chicken or vegetable

Healthy food for your children when they are unwell should be such that the child does not bother grabbing appetite.
Soup is a liquid berkaldu to meet child nutrition. Plus easier for the child to chew. Give them the original broth.

Boil all the vegetables, put into boiling chicken broth that has been given a bit of pepper and butter.

spinach soup

Spinach is rich in vitamins and and very filling. Boil spinach leaves with a little salt, pepper, and butter. Do not cook too long, just five minutes so that the vegetables do not wilt.

Avoid milk

Many mothers give children milk when fever. Instead, save to consume milk after he recovered from a fever. Because milk is hard to digest. Meanwhile, when fever, digestive system work more weak. If not strong, children nausea and even vomiting.

Healthy started from the kitchen

Remember the adage clean healthy base? Of course, healthy life if we will come clean.

However, health is not only obtained through nutritious food, but also obtained from the quality of the cleanliness of the kitchen.

Related to this, Prof. Dr. Dr. Rachmadhi Purwana advise people need to improve habits like throwing leftover food on plates and cookware, then immediately wash using dishwashing soap and sponge replace dishwasher.
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"In everyday use, the sponge should be replaced a maximum of two weeks," he suggested in the seminar "Improving Sanitation Hygiene Hospital Kitchen and Home Appliances" at Hotel Le Meridien.

In addition, people need to clean the kitchen every day and provide lidded bins for the kitchen.

"Ideally, the kitchen is cleaned every day and bins must be closed," he said.

Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women

During pregnancy, a woman is required to maintain body weight in order to stay balanced. Because pregnant women who are obese are vulnerable to disease and harmful to the health of the baby.

Gynecology of India, Dr Suman Bijlani says that pregnant women need a balanced diet with some additional material to meet the needs of the baby in the womb.

"You need to eat about 300 extra calories per day, which means an extra meal. But not too much because it makes you vulnerable to obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity and make babies. Focus on adding extra protein, iron, and existing calcium to the diet, "says Dr Bijlani, as reported by the Times of India.

Following a healthy diet on pregnant women:

Healthy Diet for Pregnant Women
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Include green beans, bean sprouts, eggs, meat, fish, milk and dairy products.


Carbohydrates provide energy and fiber. Avoid refined sugar and flour because it causes blood sugar levels to fluctuate. Stick to whole grains and whole fruits.


Docosahexaenoic Acid (DHA) and essential fatty acids is important for fetal brain development. It is important for the development of intelligence, learning, and vision. Add flax seeds, walnuts, beans, tofu, olive, and soybean oils to your diet. Non-vegetarians can benefit from the intake of fish or cod liver oil capsules.


Green leafy vegetables, nuts, pomegranate, cherry, berry, litchi, pineapple, raisins, dates, and animal foods contain a good amount of iron. Vitamin C is essential for the absorption of iron, squeeze the lemon in your food.


You need more calcium to help your baby's growing bones and teeth and is also important for the function of your body.

Identify Causes of medicine Allergy

Treatment with a variety of medicine can cause a wide range of side effects. The reaction is caused by an allergic response to a medicine or medicinal substance that is formed when broken down by the body.

According to the book "Family Health Guide 'by Dr Mirriam Stoppard, rash is a common side effect of treatment. Antibiotics and aspirin, for example, the common cause of urticaria, itching rash exceptional and can affect the whole body or only a small portion of skin caused by allergic reactions to various substances such as food, medicine and stings.

In addition, there are more severe effects such as severe nausea, diarrhea, wheezing, swelling of the face and tongue (angioedema), and even fainting.
Identify Causes of Drug Allergy
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Patients with severe reactions need treatment in hospital. Repeated exposure to the medicine that causes the rash can lead to anaphylaxis or angioedema.

The medicine most often cause a rash is an antibiotic, such as penicillin, but almost all of the medicine can cause an allergic reaction when a person is sensitive to the medicine.

The rash usually develops medicine triggered the first few days of treatment, but can also occur after a series of treatment is completed.

Sensitivity can develop only after at least one previous exposure to a medicine. People usually take the medicine without having any allergic reaction for the first time, and then develop a rash while taking this medicine on a series of subsequent treatment.

8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies

How to avoid allergies in children?this is 8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies.

1. mother's milk is the best protection against allergies. Give exclusive mother's milk up to six months to reduce the risk of allergies.

2. Avoid children from potentially allergenic foods such as egg whites, milk, cereal grains, and honey. Also avoid solid foods until she reaches 6 months.

3. Clean the entire house, especially the bed so that your baby as much as possible free from dust.
8 Tips for Children Avoid Allergies
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4. Empty and clean the baby's bedroom, despite all the carpet on the floor, replace it with hardwood floors or linoleum.

5. Try to fill in the small bedroom with a single bed alone and close using the crib mattress and plastic antidebu.

6. Clean the room daily. When cleaning, open all doors and windows to fresh air, then close again.

7. If possible, replace all upholstered furniture with furniture made ​​from materials that can be wiped off, like a layer of wood, vinyl, or leather.

8. Maybe you need to install a "vacuum" dust, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom.

5 These Foods Cause Infertility

Some foods and drinks can also be a trigger factor infertility. If you are in the pregnancy program, avoiding food triggers infertility first.

Here are 5 foods that could potentially trigger infertile women, as reported by Boldsky.


Several studies found that high doses of soy protein may reduce fertility. A number of studies found that high doses of soy could prolong the menstrual cycle, lower SH (follicle-stimulating hormone) and LH (leutinizing hormone). However, this will happen if soy is consumed too much. According to researchers, most people will not eat soy to doses that are too high.

Soybeans, tofu, soy milk, soy nuts, soy as an alternative to meat, soybean meal, and soybean oil are some foods that are rich in soy. Limit first soy foods containing high, if you are in the pregnancy program.

5 These Foods Cause Infertility
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High sugar content

Foods with high sugar levels is thought to increase the risk of infertility. White rice, french fries, mashed potatoes, donuts, pumpkin, and cornflakes are some foods that cause infertility in women.


Product caffeine especially coffee can cause infertility in women. Consume more than 300 grams of coffee per day can increase the chances of infertility. It is advised to stop drinking coffee when a woman is planning to become pregnant.

Meat and raw eggs

Avoiding raw meat and raw eggs can prevent infertility. These foods can be infected with salmonella which can cause infertility in women.

Cheeses and unpasteurized milk

Cheese is not made with pasteurized milk can cause infertility in women. Foods such as soft cheeses should be avoided if it is not made with pasteurized milk. Bacteria listeria in cheese and milk that is not pasteurized has the ability to cross the placenta and affect the uterus.