Child Brain Growing to 3 Years

Golden age of children's brain development begins in the womb until the child reaches the age of three years. What are occurring in the child's brain at that time?

Golden years is a period in which the brain has amazing growth and development. At this time, the brain nerve cells growing toddlers.

"The growth of brain cells branching fastest since six months of pregnancy until the child is three years old. Fetal brain cells have grown and evolved since the first month in the womb, then divide rapidly reach 100 billion cells while developing appropriate places and functions respectively, "said Dr. Soedjatmiko, SpA (K), MSI, in a seminar entitled Nutrition and Stimulation for Children Intelligence JIExpo, Jakarta, recently.

Child Brain Growing to 3 Years
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Soedjatmiko explained, since six months of pregnancy, these cells form many synapses (the relationship between brain cells) to form various functional circuits (circuits) are complex, like a series of advanced computer microchips.

"The quality of the brain's circuitry depends on the quality of nutrition and stimulation (stimulation) were obtained from the womb to the age of the first three years. Process was going very fast and complex until the age of three years, after which it slowed at school age and adolescence," he explained.

Therefore, nutrition and early stimulation is very important, especially in the womb until the age of three years.

"The early, frequent, varied, and regular stimulation received infant-toddler (since pregnant six months to three years old), the more sophisticated and robust relationship between synaptic brain cells right and left," he concluded.

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