Alert, house caused Potential Toxicity

Behind the warmth of home, it also keeps the inside malicious threats. Potential chemical poisoning due to the use of everyday items is suppose to be the cause.

Be careful using household products. Because the use of these items mostly contain substances that are potentially toxic, such as detergents, household bleach and paint thinner. Not only that, the medicine cabinet also allows saving the content of OTC and prescription medicine that are toxic if taken in excessive doses. Not to mention the threat of the presence of poisonous plants in the yard.

Of all these threats, the biggest risk is attacked by poisoning your baby. For that, you also need to take some remedial action so that the threat does not spread.

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Dr Miriam Stoppard in the book "Family Health Guide" says that to avoid this, the hazardous substances should should always be stored in a locked cabinet or at least beyond their reach. Therefore, never store hazardous substances in a container other than the original, especially the bottle store in the former can be deceiving children.

Explained Dr Miriam, if you happen to children exposed to household toxins like swallowing bleach clothes or detergent, never force him to spit it out. If the victim is unconscious, make sure the windpipe open and he could breathe properly. Be prepared to perform resuscitation (chest compressions combined with breathing help to keep blood oxygenated) if necessary.

Call an ambulance. Tell what the substance is ingested if you know it. If the child is unconscious and his lips burned corrosive substances, give him a drink of cold water or milk.

Different thing if your child medicine poisoning. If you suspect the baby is a victim of a medicine overdose, whether intentional or not, do not even try to make it vomit. Because it is not useful and may aggravate the condition.

If the victim is unconscious, make sure the windpipe open and he was breathing. And do resuscitation if necessary. If the victim had vomited. Keep vomit samples to identify the medicine. Look for an empty medicine containers for later handed over to the hospital along with the victim. Lastly, immediately call an ambulance.

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