Chubby Not Always Healthy

Not a day considered a fat child is cute and adorable. It is time for the parents with a loud voice that obesity is a disease!

Trends in overweight or obesity among children appears increasingly alarming. Not only in Indonesia, research in many countries proves that the trend of obesity at an early age is now proven to increase significantly.

The fact sheet from the World Health Organization WHO show that in 2010, approximately 43 million children under five years old are overweight. Nearly 35 million children are overweight live in developing countries and 8 million in developed countries.

Obesity is one cause of premature death (early death). Some of the risk arising from obesity at a young age such as heart disease, prostate cancer, breast cancer, pregnancy disorders, and others.

Prevention can be done is through the provision of good nutrition and proper since childhood. The difficulty, there are still many people who think if the fat kid was cute and healthy. The view that has been long settled in the minds of parents is certainly erroneous and must be eliminated.

According to Prof W Philip T James MD PhD, a professor of nutrition at the London School of Hygiene who is also the Chairman of the International Association for the Study of Obesity and nutrition advisory board member United Nations (FAO and WHO), the trend of excess nutrients, are either overweight or obese in children is central to the attention of the international community.

Chubby Not Always Healthy
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"The problem was originally considered only in high-income countries. But in fact, the number of children with obesity on the rise in low-and middle-income countries, particularly in urban areas, "he said in a talk show Nutritalk entitled" Early Life Nutrition and Childhood Obesity-Challenges and Opportunity ".

James argues, rates of obesity in children has increased dramatically since the start 1980-1985. Countries in Europe and Asia Pacific, particularly China, is the fastest growing. Not only that, the low-income countries as in several African countries and countries who are dealing with the war, such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, also found a similar case.

"In the past, the problem of obesity is simply individual, but it has now become a worldwide epidemic and the increased nearly two-fold. All parties should be aware that obesity is a disease, "he added.

Obesity, he added, more dangerous if owned by girls. Because as grown, they will conceive and get fat so that children born would be at risk of becoming obese as well.
One of the causes of obesity, he said, was due to genetic or hereditary. However, more and more due to environmental influences. James mentioned, improper diet and lack of move triggers the child's body to be stretched.

In addition, the strategy marketingkotor junk food also be the culprits.
For that, he explained, the developed countries are now beginning to apply the prohibition to serve junk food advertising food products to children, especially when the holidays.

"Developed countries such as France, Britain, and the United States have started to fight obesity by limiting fast food advertising. The food in the school cafeteria they also selected a more healthy, "said James.

James said, the treatment of obesity would require collaboration between the public, the government as policy makers and the producers in the food industry that the risk factors and causes of obesity can be identified properly restrained.

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