Should Regularly Check Blood Pressure?

Blood Pressure is one of the motor body. With the blood pressure is stable and controlled, your body can move well.

Susie: "You already know yet, yesterday Rica in the hospital?"
Dian: "Oh yeah? Hospital is she?"
Susie: "I do not know much, but I heard that low blood pressure .."

Conversations like the one above may often we hear, but we are also ignored. Although impressed trivial, actually matter in blood pressure can cause disease.

Well, to find out more Sundries blood pressure and what to do with a health condition, recognize the deeper explanation, as reported by eHow.

What is the meaning of blood pressure?

Blood pressure (Blood presure / BP), which measures the pressure inside the blood vessels and arteries. There are two things that are significantly related to blood pressure. The first is the systolic and the second is the diastolic.

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Diastolic pressure is the pressure generated when the heart pushes blood into the arteries. While the systolic pressure is the pressure that is created as the arteries resist the blood flow.

What factors can affect blood pressure?

Blood pressure can change depending on whether a person lying down or standing. Physical activity and emotion can also affect blood pressure.

What size is your blood pressure is good or not?

Stability in blood pressure seen from the figures. The American Heart Association set a rate of 120 to 80 below indicates that normal blood pressure. While numbers of 120-139 and 80-89 or an image that blood pressure have pre-hypertension. And when our blood pressure is the number 140 to 90 or more, indicating high blood pressure.

What is the impact of high blood pressure?

People who suffer from high blood pressure, prone to risk of heart attack or stroke and lenih higher than those without. They are also more likely to experience kidney failure or other organ.

How to keep your blood pressure to remain stable and healthy?

To avoid problems with blood pressure, we can continue keeping stable and healthy by eating healthy, such as low-sodium diet rich in fruits and vegetables. And do not forget to exercise to reduce the risk of blood pressure-related problems.

Is it necessary to check blood pressure regularly?

Blood pressure should be checked by a doctor or nurse at least twice a year because things were associated with the complications of blood pressure is often not noticeable until the disease comes and life threatening.

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