Prevent Complications of disease, pre-diabetes should be Lifestyle Change


Approximately 70 million people in the United States are at risk of diabetes do not know they are in a health hazard. In many other countries, many people also do not realize that they are at risk of developing diabetes.

Many healthy lifestyle program that is currently being crowded published by health experts. Healthy lifestyle program aims to increase physical activity, diet repair, and achieve weight loss in those who are at risk of prediabetes, or a better strategy for preventing type 2 diabetes, as reported by FoxNews.

Prevent Complications of disease

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Experts see most of the people with prediabetes are unaware of their condition, identification of prediabetes and raising awareness is an important first step to encourage people with pre-diabetes to make healthy lifestyle changes.

People with prediabetes are those who have a family history of diabetes and those who lead unhealthy lifestyles. Without lifestyle changes, research suggests the development of diabetes in a period of 10 years in those at risk of prediabetes. This condition can lead to many complications such as heart disease and kidney failure.

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